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Compass showing opposite or wrong way.
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Used compass, im in a city i know the north is the opposite way, but they compass shows that its South when im looking North. The compass is even pristine.


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andy added a comment.Nov 27 2014, 11:38 AM

Hi kebab0nline,
this is something we've had reported here quite a couple times before, but everything seems to be set-up correctly on our end and we were not able to reproduce the issue.
Would it be possible to let me know if this issue persists on different server or if it is only occurring on one?
Thanks a lot,

I had a bugged compass today, too. In the picture you see I am at the woodden long barn south of Krastnostav looking north. My Compass shows west.

server Experimental UK-006 1stPerson. This server crash/restarts like every hour.
Client version 051.125716

Caboose added a subscriber: Caboose.May 8 2016, 8:44 PM

I can attest to this. I was walking north to Svetlojarsk and my compass was clearly pointing south. This is on a private 1st person server but this was also happening on the experimental as well.

I remarked this 'Issue' also, facing doubtlessly North on the Map, the Compass saying "East" - the Compass itself was in 'damaged' Condition, so i presumed, that its showing the wrong Direction was intentionally programmed as a Sign of the Tool not being in at least 'worn' State. Might that be correctly found out?

Though i think, a Compass should always still show the slightly right Direction, unless it's clearly stated in 'ruined' Condition, IMHO.

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MrMaki added a comment.Dec 8 2014, 2:07 PM

I had the same issue two times yesterday. Some goes for a friend of mine on the I was talking to on Teamspeak.

Items were "pristine"
was on a private 1st/3rd person server

Hi! Since the 0.51 stable update all compasses work like this for me. I checked damaged, Worn and Pristine as well. The good news is, since than I learned to navigate based on the sun :D

Hello Andy
it seems this has to do with the clothes that the compass is contained in.
See picture series I am uploading.

Pantsright: I have the compass in pristine pants and it is showing the right direction (looking at hill away from Myshkino military tents = EAST)

TacShirtwrong: All I did was move the compass to my damaged (or badly damaged?) grey tactical shirt. The compass now shows almost towards West

EDIT: I need to add I moved the compass back and forth repeatedly and noticed it always worked when in my pants pocket and always NOT worked when in my tactical shirt.

mist3r added a subscriber: mist3r.May 8 2016, 8:44 PM

Really Colonel?
That is a great help and will test it asap, as a workaround. Crazyness, i wonder how such a thing can depend on each other^^

Since Andy's last statement is, that they can't reproduce i will upload a screenshot.

Zeleno North of the Militarystation looking into the South. Compass shows West

it may seem as if the "damaged" property of the "container" is projected on the compass. so if my pants are damaged -> compass is damaged -> shows wrong direction.

HOWEVER - though i am not quite sure - it seems as if this also happend to me while i wore just "worn" clothes.

I carried the Compass (pristine) in SPOSN Tortilla Backpack and faced north on the Map, the Compass said "East" - then i changed the Compass from the Backpack to my Cargo Pants and repeated the Task, now it showed correctly "North". So it seems to depend on where the Compass is stored, as i used the same Compass for testing.

I have to add I never put my compass in my hand because I mostly carry two rifles. So I just "inspect" when in my inventory but I also get this issue.

EDIT: Whatever the case, I maintain that the container makes the difference. Otherwise it would have been spontaneous errors but the error always came when I had compass in tac-shirt and didn't come when I had it in my pants. I switched back and forth five times to make sure it had to do with the container.

Didn't help with changing clothes. My compass shows me always the wrong direction. I throw it away since it was useless at least...

Shit happens with me too man.

Changing the compass to another piece of clothing solves the issue every time with me.

andy added a comment.Jan 12 2015, 2:41 PM

Thank you all for your feedback!
We might have found the culprit - the issue is now scheduled for a fix, please be patient.

The dude who linked the video, that really helped them :P good job!

andy added a comment.Jan 22 2015, 11:28 AM

The programmers have tweaked this a bit and it seems to be fixed on our end. Please feel free to submit new tickets if the issue persists AFTER the next Steam Experimental update.
Thank you,