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(Experimental 0.50) - Player gets much too hungry and thirsty
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As title says.


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  1. Spawn in.
  1. Have severe trouble finding enough food and being able to travel some distance without risking death by starvation.
  1. If not dead, annoyed by the screen going grey for too long after being starved.

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I ran between elektro and cherno after dying of starvation and ended up starving again, at the first industrial building in cherno. I was dead upon reaching the firestation in Cherno. Please fix this bug. We can't test the experimental if we keep dying like this.

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I like how the stomach isn't as big as before.
Hunger and thirsty probably comes too quickly but I didn't test yet have they changed that radically.

No no no, I really like it like this. Yes it's probably unrealistic to be staving within 5 mins of spawning, but with food being more scarce and the stomach capacity lowered, Experimental feeling like a battle to survive..... Which is exactly how it should feel.

At the moment getting Healthy is "Waaaay" too easy, spawn.... 2 or 3 houses looted and you have a full stomach and are fully energised and hydrated. Therefore, bloodbags and saline are pointless.

Well the problem is you can't find food that easy anymore. I have looted the whole Elektro(after a restart) and a few buildings from Cherno and haven't found any consistent food - bananas, potatoes, zucchini(which doesn't help your hunger anymore - bugged) and a box of cereals which I ate and ended up starving 5 minutes later.

This isn't a battle to survive. This is suicide. You just spawn and die 10 minutes later. You probably haven't tried the experimental branch on 0.5 yet.


I was playing Exp 0.50 last night for around 4 hours. I found loads of food and so did my mates I was with. We tried 4 different servers because some kept crashing, and most servers we tried had food in plenty.
Also respawning loot is enabled, so food does respawn after someone else has taken it. I managed to get fully energised and healthy in Cherno and headed to Zelen and green mountain, by the time I got there, I had a mountain backpack 80% full of food, and this was on a raining server where your calorie burn rate is massively increased when wet or cold.

I think maybe you are on a bad server or you're just looking in the wrong places. The very top of the construction site on the outskirts of Cherno had around 6 cans of food and a few sodas, try looking in places where others might not.

As I said, the server just got restarted. Elektro was not looted. I was the first to enter every residential building, market, hospital, school and pub.

I have played on three different servers since 0.5 was released yesterday and I had the same result.

+ Running from Elektro to Cherno without having any food will result in death, which just makes the game unbalanced. We are talking about a 3km distance of running on the main road. There are yet no vehicles so not being able to run on long distances without having your backpack 100% full with food is yet another bad experience. You have to consider all the items you need with you, to survive, all those items that you have to carry along, with you on your journey.(extra clothes,meds,ammo, etc) If this game will be all about food and water, this will no longer be the old surviving game we all want.

Either way, I think this was not an improvement they thought to make and it's just another bug, like the zucchini/apple one.

I don't know when you started playing the Standalone, but the game had such issues with hunger/thirst when it first got released in alpha. Guess why they changed that.

I WALKED in Berezino for 1.5h and almost died for a bled out, at least I was unconcius once. I've found good amount of food and I'm now healthy. I've only walked except when I fight against zombies. If you spawn in a bad place it can be tough for first but when you've clothing and a backpack you can survive. Running everywhere can be one of the reason why people say hunger and thirsty is now OP.

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The main problem is that starvation (and dehydration) happens too fast.

A better solution for survival oriented gameplay would be to keep around the current metabolism of players, but drastically reduce the spawn rates of food itself.

The way it currently works on exp .50 is neither realistic nor exciting.

EDIT: Loot distribution and respawning seem to be worsening the problem. Current character of mine is clinging to life by server hopping between high density areas.

andy added a comment.Oct 2 2014, 1:49 PM

Hi survivors,
thank you for the information. We are now aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Noooo Andy from BI, it's only an issue for some people, some of us really like it :)

The current hunger/thirst system that is on stable 0.49 is just fine. If you really enjoy what is on the experimental branch. Try spawning in elektro and go north or whatever, without your friends. I bet you will be dead in 20 min at most.

razertx added a subscriber: razertx.May 8 2016, 8:11 PM

There is currently no way for you to become healthy. This is a bug and not how it should be. When you can't become both hydrated and energized it's an issue.
My status now is "Stuffed" and "starving".
There isn't enough room in the virtual stomach for what is required to become healthy to heal.
Some of us are good at survival and find plenty of food and drink, but we can't eat it while we starve because we are full.
Don't tell us you like this..
Update: I was able to "fix" the issue by over stuffing until I puked. Now all is good. Hydrated/Energized and healthy.

euphoria is a typical troll ignore him!!

I just uploaded a picture of my character eating some spaghetti. It didn't even change the hunger status -> remained the same.


Grow up kid, I'm no troll, but I can't say the same for you. There IS food, and it IS possible to survive, and it IS entirely possible to get fully health. Just because you could for whatever reason, doesn't mean the game is broken.
I'll say it again, I was on for a little over 4 hours last night with 4 team mates, and yes one of us died of starvation, because the server we was on at the time didn't seem to be respawning anything, it also seemed to be crashing fairly often. We swapped servers and after that had no problem surviving and no issues finding food.


Euphoria is very much "just a troll". I periodically see him in issues like these talking down on other players and calling them noobs. Wish there was an ignore list for the bugtracker.. Consider yourself ignored, "kid" -.-

Anyhow, I spawned in, ran one mile (I'm not exaggerating!) and went from yellow hungry to red hungry. Luckily I found a can of peaches. Ran another mile. Hunger in the orange.

Spent the next 3 hours picking and eating almost 90 apples. Energised is still not in the bright green, I can't find any other food though and am too chicken to move to the next town.

90 apples equals roughly 5.000 calories, by the way. That's like 3 super size McDonald's meals.

What is it with you devs that you hate fruit and vegetables so much?

Anyhow, I wouldn't mind "survival mechanics" in a game like this


I can't hunt for food either, since there is zero loot to be found.

After a fast-paced SHTF scenario like a pandemic, there would be NO SHORTAGE of knives to be found in kitchens! An agricultural place like Chernarous would have NO SHORTAGE of rope or burlap sacks!

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can we do the survival game tweaking at the end when the game is extensively tested and ready to move past the Alpha phase? NOT during Alpha and NOT during experimental!

I just proved it was a bug. If you find yourself in the stuffed while both being hungry and thirsty, just eat until you puke and it resets your stomach.
It's a bug, not a "good" feature. Stop trolling bug reports and learn to test items and find solutions.
You do now require to drink and eat more once the bug is removed, but it's entirely manageable now.
If you are starving without the bug, you may need more time learning to survive and less time PVPing. Just saying.

@ColonelBurton @razertx

Please find one of my posts where I call someone a noob???! Find "ONE"! You won't because you're full of BS. I called him a kid because he called me a troll. I have a "opinion", I am entitled to my opinion SAME AS YOU!
Just because you disagree doesn't mean I'm a troll you morons.
Oh and I never said "It isn't a bug", I just said I like it being difficult to survive.

All I said was, yes it's been tweaked and it's definitely harder to survive it's not realistic to be starving after 5 mins of spawning but I like it this way and so do some, not all, of the guys I game with. I like games that really challenge you and even frustrate you, because when you finally get past that struggle it's a big high and a "Yeah baby" moment.

I think the game you are looking for is Dark Souls I/II.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 8:11 PM

This will obviously not work with the game, you are in the minority of people who actually want this change, so the game will only lose players because of it. But, you can keep your idea of a harsh survival game for a mod that can come after the base game is finished, just like the mods (Epoch, Overwatch etc.) from the DayZ mod (mod-ception much?). I'm sure there will be someone to make such a mod.

Peace :)


Yeah you're most probably right. And thank you for not jumping down my throat for express my opinion.

After playing for a good few hours last night, I actually experienced what some of these guys are talking about. Maybe on Wednesday night my group and I just managed to find a decent properly working server, or one that just hadn't been populated and ransacked, because last nights experience was entirely different.

Every server we tried had been picked clean, plus loot didn't seem to be respawning. As I was a fresh spawn, (No idea how I died) I couldn't find clothes so I was cold and wet, as a result I did notice the harshness of the energy and hydration burning.
It's still possible to survive, but it was a radically different experience from the night before with next to no food being available and not having the resources to survive off of wildlife.

So to reiterate, I would now agree that the stomach, energy and hydration is too harsh maybe even bugged, but 0.49 stable is way too easy there needs to be a happy medium. In future people, just because you find something or don't like something, doesn't mean anyone that hasn't found it yet or isn't bothered by it, does not make them a troll!

V1ruS added a comment.Oct 4 2014, 6:19 AM

@Euphoria: I have a lot of respect for somebody who is open to changing his opinion on an issue. Kudos to you!

I too wish for a demanding game that forces you to move around in search of supplies and food (current stable is way too easy). I even want weapon degradation and extreme ammo scarcity, as that would force decisions like "will my ammo be enough to take these bandits out?" and "this pristine hunting rifle, or this damaged AK" etc.

Balance is key though, and that's where we the alpha-players come in.

Quoted from Eugen Harton. Better get used to the Hunger and Thirst!

"Hunger and thirst works as intended (it needs tweaking here and there , but its numbers mostly). It was not a bug but a feature. Server configuration recognizes time of year (you can either set it or use real time). And it simulates weather conditions (wind,temperature) according cut of the map from the world. Last experimental was set to december to see how harsh it can actualy get. There are no visual changes for seasons yet. But tech for simulation seems to work. This release will be set to september. Its gonna a bit more forgiving."

"I said 40 minutes of standing naked without food right from spawn. If you eat at least a little bit and have at least some clothes yiu should be fine in september setting. Youre twisting my words a bit too much." - quoted from eugen harton, same page

You kinda die 15 minutes from spawning, at this moment. If Eugen is so excited, he should take a look at the number of players on experimental, which is really low, compared to other patches.

Hang on, this latest update 0.50v2 is much better, don't you think??
My team mate and I was testing it last night for 4-5 hours, making runs we knew we could make on stable with no food or water, and then testing distances that would have killed us on the last Exp update. Well, if the hunger and thirst numbers haven't been tweaked, then they have changed the servers from December to September or April, because the energy and hydration burn rate are a LOT lower, it's more like it is on stable. Which in my opinion, is too far in the other direction lol, it needs to be in the middle somewhere.

Hmm, I need to test this myself, but I'm really worried with what they've done here.

moeb1us added a subscriber: moeb1us.May 8 2016, 8:11 PM

anybody who starves in the actual build needs to learn how to play the game honestly. it is no problem whatsoever to survive, food in abundance, just leave the damn coast.

andy added a comment.Nov 14 2014, 11:27 AM

Yup, we believe the current state to be acceptable in terms of how punishing it is.
Thank you all for your feedback and please feel free to submit a new ticket if you feel there are any more issues.

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