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Refund for DayZ (VALID REASON)
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I bought DayZ about a week ago because I really wanted it for a long time.
When the purchase and download were complete I started up the game. All I could see were some pixels, weird enough. I could not move my mouse around etc. and after a small while it crashed. It was basically broken.

Luckily, a friend of mine helped me fixing this problem. With good hopes starting up the game, I actually could move around my mouse and go to the options to ajust my setting to work for my laptop since it still was very buggy. With my setting adjusted, I tried to get into a game. After waiting for about 10 minutes it finally ''loaded''.

Loads and loads of textures did not load though, and the game was very laggy.
I tried to play the game with different setting and even on ultra low settings(My laptop can handle games like Sniper Elite 3 on ultra settings) and it still did not work out and crashed again.

After trying all possible options and spitting through forums I decided to contact you guys for a refund since I do want to pay 24 euros for a game I cant even play. I just want a refund in any way really, stored back to my bank account, steam wallet, that does not matter.

But you guys cant let me pay for a game I am not able to play.

I hope this gets reviewed and being taken care of soon because I dont want to ''get stuck'' with this game.

I already contacted steam support and after a week of wainting they told me to go here. I'm kinda losing my patience so I hope the refund will happen soon.


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It is an Early Acces Alpha Version. You were informed about this before your purchase. The game is not finished and there may be still a lot of bugs or it even may be unplayable for a while. Also it seems like you have not informed yourself about the minimum requirements your computer needs to run the game. Further more you are able to download and play it on any other computer because you can download it and run it via steam everywhere. And also if the game is finally finished in t he future you do not have to buy it again since you have it already. So if you buy another/a better computer in the future you are able to play DayZ.
Because of all this facts you will probably not get a refund.

PS: I am not part of the DayZ-Team.

Or you can include your laptop specs / DxDiag and what ever else and hopefully someone can get it working for you.

But as Konseq said you were well aware of the state of the game before buying it and therefore should not be entitled to a refund.

Yes, I was informed that the game is in early alpha and that the game still is full of bugs and glitches. But I was not informed that the game would be totally unplayable and that the game would crash every few minutes. I don't think anyone would pay for a non-working product and I demand a refund.

Hello dtined,

If the game was purchased via Steam, we're unable to give out refunds for the purchase since we have no access to their systems. For this reason we have to refer to Steam support.

Regarding the performance issues you seem to be experiencing; would it be possible for you to attach a dxdiag to this issue?



I have already contacted steam support and they sent me here to you guys.

Unfortunately, as mentioned we have absolutely no access to Steam/Valve's systems. For that reason we are not able to issue refunds for a game purchased via Steam.



As people said its just in alpha stages nothing is perfect
Are you using a laptop or desktop, doing a certain thing on my laptop i can run it lag free I can help you if you would like the help.

Ye Cosmic Flare I use a laptop

render at 50%
disable VSync
textures details at very low
texture filtering disabled
memory at max not auto
everyting at very low (though i have terrian at normal)
on rendering have everything desiables and HDR at very low
Also if your not use Razor game booster lin dayz to it run from the app
you may get 20-50 frames like me runs smoothly for me after that
Take in mind im using a HP pavilion GS Pentium with 1gb gpu

Nope, I tried it(twice) and it didnt work out.

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Since you are experiencing abnormal performance issues with the game, inconsistent with the performance of your machine; please attach a DXDiag report to this issue.

This will directly help the development team correcting any possible performance related compatibility issues that you may experience.

I think the community should butt-out of this one, and let the Dev team handle and respond to this thread, I actually agree with the reason he gives to get a refund, because even though your are informed of the games current state if his does not work (as in not work at all) he is lawfully entitled to get a refund for the broken merchandise.

Sounds to me it's totally 100% your "laptop", this is coming from an IT engineer.

This game is not meant for "Laptops" aka "Notebooks", for the simple fact they can not handle games like Dayz/BattleField ect because of the Graphic cards within their systems.

My suggestion is to get a Desktop PC with at least an i5 CPU Processor, 4 Gigs of DDR3 RAM at 1600+ speed, An Nvidia GTX 580 (For example) which has at least 1.5 VRAM memory, with relevant motherboard.

I used to have lag/fps issues on my old system which was a QuadCore 6600 CPU with the above graphics card and 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM. This however was a fail.

Since my updated system of an i74770k, 8 Gig RAM @ 1600 speed with above GTX 580 and relevant motherboard, the game works great! Just need more RAM at a faster speed.

So on that note, yes, you need a good/very good gaming desktop for Dayz Standalone.

I hope you recommend getting a desktop PC and get rid of your "laptop" :)

See the thing is, he's been ask to upload a DxDiag file so he can be helped but he's not doing that, he's more interested in a refund, I bet he's not even have problems with it he just wants his money back.

"But you guys cant let me pay for a game I am not able to play."

You did NOT pay for playing a game. You financially supported its devolpment and were given the opportunity to test the unfinished version. If there are issues please report them. You might provide your specs and dxdiag to see where the problem originates. In case of PEBKAC (your PCs specs are lower than the minimum requirements of the game)I recommend asking yourself if you want a new PC soon/have a stronger one available and if the answer is yes, keep the game.


I got a windows 8.1 laptop w/ 8 GB RAM and 500GB memory
Intel Core i7-4500U w/ 1.8 GHz(w/ turbo boost 3.0 GHz)
Nvidea GeForce GT 720M w/ 2GB VRAM

EDIT: And where exactlydo I attatch a DXDiag?

@VirtuaStig how moronic do you have to be to tell people to butt out that are trying to help the guy and to believe he is entitled to a refund It is a non refundable item it tells you in the terms and to expect problems like that with the game as its in ALPHA stages.
@ Dtined not to sound harsh but if you experiencing problems with the game with a machine with those specs then there is highly likely a problem with your machine and as for your DXDiag rightclick the start bar and click run and type DXDiag in there it will load also are you able to take a picture of your specs?

if you make a pic of it post on somewhere like photobucket or something like that

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  1. From the desktop click: Start > Run...
  2. In the 'Open' text field of the Run window that appears type “dxdiag” without the quotes. Press OK.
  3. Another window should appear titled DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Near the bottom of the window click on “Save All Information…” A popup should appear with a progress bar, this may take a few minutes.
  4. After it completes a dialog should appear asking you where to save the file.
  5. Save the file and upload it here

Thanks for sending in your information. It seems that your performance related problems are due to your HD series graphics card (The HD 4000 series graphics card is part of the minimum spec hardware.) All I can reccommend is that you update your graphics card drivers (dated 10/1/2013) and see if that might make a difference.

In regards to the crashes; please submit a seperate issue and let us know in the note section if you are still able to reproduce the crashes on the latest development build.

If so, please attach your dxdiag report and files from this folder: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\"

Pack the files into a .rar file. If the *.rar is smaller than 5.000KB, you can attach it to the new issue that you submit. In case it's larger than that, please try uploading it to a file sharing website and link it in the new issue.

For future reports please refer to the "How to guide" [^]

Thank you,