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player movement controls seem totally broken
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ok, well im hoping this is not an "intended" attribute to movement in general, because with the 0.46 movement i felt they had actually fixed an issue that was where, when crouched and double tapping to sprint, much like the mod, you would go from your current speed (walking/jogging) and stance (crouched) to a full on sprint after which if you let go of w at any point your character would return to its original movement speed and stance, which created a great gameplay mechanic for gunfights and shoot then move tactics.

in the last update to exp (.47) ALL OF this has been undone AND made terribly worse. if i now have a gun in my hands and have the gun raised my movement speed is completely over ridden and i move at walk pace UNLESS i double tap to sprint which moves you to a weapon raised jog pace now (which is pointless as we have the shift key to dictate between walking and jogging, making this function irrelevant now) if i double tap w at ANY POINT it is because i want/neeeed to sprint not becaus i want to jog from walking even though my movement speed is already set to jog pace and has been slowed because i have a weapon out and raised.

furthermore, if you now crouch with a weapon (did not think to try without a weapon drawn) you go from a jog pace, to a walking pace and then have to double tap w again to jog... for me this is a really bad move on the movement side of the game. it was getting close to perfect in the last patch with the aforementioned double tap w to sprint from any given stance or movement speed (except for prone which i feel should also be included in this so that you can be lying down, and if you get aggro'd or spotted by another player you don't need to tap a key to go to crouched or standing just to be able to run)


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have a gun out and raised in standing stance with your movement speed set at jog, notice you will now only walk unless double tapping w, try again for crouched.

we can only hope this is broken because if it is intended i highly suggest it be thought out again. it places significant encumbrance on an already fairly clunky movement control system which on top of all that was being bought back inline with the original mod method of shoot and move movement capabilities

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Noticed this as well when I was playing earlier. Also noticed when you have your gun shouldered, you have to stop the fast walk before you can lower it again, then sprint where before you could go from fast walk with shouldered gun to sprint.

Same for crouch running. It was hold W to crouch run, double tap W and your guy would break into a standing sprint.

Swinging a melee at a zombie you would swing, sprint away a little, repeat. Now it's a little harder as you can't really run away from the incoming zombie hit.

^^^ this, the whole movement system has taken a massive u turn and needs to be addressed asap. having to stop so your character transitions from gun raised to gun lowered is just beyond explanation. movement was fine as it was

It is definately intended because one of the devs told us to expect some movement changes in this exp update via twitter.
What a shame :(

I really doubt any of that is permanent. It's most likely just a bug, or even some controls got switched around. I'd wait for some more exp. updates.

I agree 100% with this. The player movement prior to this update was perfect the way it was. Now it's just awkward and annoying.

@ChristmasLunch it is sadly the case that yes these controls were changed on purpose, and its clearly obvious they did because literally nothing shy of completely recoding would make what happened to movement happen. you wouldnt "forget" to add some code that already exists in every build, yet some people seem to believe this was just an accident that will be fixed, i think a few guys need to make their opinions heard on his twitter about this before this one guy their (who seems to enjoy these whack controls) convinces him that its not only him that thinks they are great. if we dont make it known now that this is terrible. we may never get good controls back again.

i am confused why there are downvotes, the movement changes are clearly not a good thing, at least if downvoting it would be good to state why you disagree so the discussion can progress and reasons can be known :)

Now it feels like playing the mod. I hope they'll think about it.

Same issue here. Raising a weapon let's you only walk slowly. No way to dodge attacks or move up to someone fast to kill him.
Hope it is only a bug, otherwise it's ridiculous. Can't make any sense of it. Why shouldn't I be able to run with a raised weapon? In real life I can do that fairly well^^

yeah, one of the devs, Viktor, replied on twitter saying the feedback is being monitored (got a reddit and a forum post discussing the changes) and also said that there is bugs having an effect on the changes at the moment. which makes sense because i certainly dont think all of the changes we are experiencing were what was intended to be in the changes.

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the new more realistic movement is far better.

The redicoulus movement before was unrealistic and detrimental to gameplay.

Why do some people want to see dayz turn into just another arcade twitch shooter ?

Slower more natural and realistic movement + the new dexterity mechanic will make the gunplay more tight and realistic.

.47 renders Temporary Walk/Run and Toggle Walk/Run buttons useless while in crouch position, too. Seriously, if I wanted to walk slowly while crouching I'd just use those buttons, why am I forced into a certain kind of movement? This has nothing to do with realism, yet definitely ruins gameplay.

People, if you are not able to see the issues with the 0.47 controls/movement, please don't vote it down.

It's NOT realistic if you jog (double W-key) with a raised gun/rifle and you just can't lower your weapon (!) to switch from jogging to fast sprinting. Because you have to stand still first, not till then the char is lower the weapon... and then you can finally sprint (with lowered weapon).

Next issue is the inconsistency with controls which confuses players. For example with a raised gun double W-key means jogging. But with a raised melee weapon like an axe double W-key means suddenly fast sprinting!? Why I can sprint with an raised axe but can't jog with an raised axe? Realism!?

Apropos realism, why people argue with realism at a ZOMBIE game at all? A game should be fun. And a good Game has a intuitively control, smooth movement, nice game flow etc. Rising the difficulty level with cumbersome controls or other odd methods is definite the wrong way.

Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

I have not seen 0.47. I have seen 0.46 and there is MAJOR improvement. 0.46 movement changes are AWESOME!! If the mechanics that were introduced were altered for 0.47, then 0.48 should return them to 0.46 state.

thanks for taking the time out to give your opinions on this topic, from what i gather so far, the dev who mentioned there was changes and wanted feedback to the new movement has said that some of the changes created unexpected bugs, hopefully we will get a rework of them with the best of 0.46 improvements and some of the newer things in 0.47 minus the bugs :)

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It's not hard to get used to the way it is now. I'm mainly disappointed not being able to sprint from crouch. Everything else I would be fine with if it was as intended. I can understand how sprinting would be more difficult with your weapon raised, but it should automatically lower when sprinting. There is a reason we have the toggle walk button.

@metisou, i know what you mean. but it feels to me like nothing in the changes really implements a change for the better of gameplay, and with the forced walk when raising a weapon like you said and i have mentioned to people, it nulls the use of the toggle walk jog function, which in all honesty does not make any sense.

i would rather it be like, if you aim down sights your put into forced walk speed, but if you click again to come out of aim in sights you are still weapon raised but able to toggle between walk and jog again. also the fact you crouch makes you forced walk makes no sense either and thats whether you have a weapon in hand or not. someone on the forums was saying that this is now because running whilst crouched is considered a sprint crouch, which is pointless when you think about it. anyone saying you cant take a jogged pace while crouched clearly has never tried it or played paintball or something similair, as it is fully possible to run at quite some speed whilst keeping yourself low to the ground. as it is iv changed back down to stable till an exp patch comes that addresses the movement to see how it progresses again.

I played experimental 0.47: same thing. Cannot jog and keep a melee weapon raised or use it while jogging.

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Agreed, controls are annoyingly un-survivalist now.

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I definitively up vote this, besides the ballistic weapons movement, the melee weapons movement now in 0.47 is to sluggish for zombie defense, I jog strafe around the zeds while introducing them to my pristine fire axe and never get hit unless there is desync, but now almost every time I get whacked by a zed and take damage to clothing and inventory items as I can no longer jog strafe around the zeds only walk, and not mention the number of zeds to defend against is higher now. I now have reverted back to shooting zeds which has now made the fire axe useless again like back in 0.44.

This change makes the game uncomfortable, I am aware the games client/server tracking at speeds makes it hard to track targets and I want to see this improved also I am aware you can still TURBO while crouched, but its not comfortable, smooth and doesn't feel right. .46 was doing nicely for movement improvements, please revert back and try another not so harsh approach.

First time I tried .47 experimental, I played for a short while got fed up and immediately went looking for a "fix" because I it just did not feel right (and I did play for about 2 hours).

In the very new 0.47 124558 exp version some issues like the lack of jogging with axe and the impossibility to lowering the weapon while jogging is fixed (thanks to the devs)! But there is still one bug or maybe an intended decision of the develeopers which is really annoying/uncomfortable for players.

I agree with the standig control, it is well made and comprehensible:

W+left Shift-key for walking with lowered gun or axe
W-key for jogging with lowered gun or axe
2xW-key for sprinting with lowered gun or axe

W-key for walking with raised gun or axe
2xW-key for jogging with raised gun or axe
Note: No sprint with raised gun or axe possible

But the crouching control is imo not reasonbale, because there is NO difference in controls between raised and lowered gun/axe:

W-key for walking with lowered gun or axe (even without any weapon in hand)
2 x W-key for jogging with lowered gun or axe (even without any weapon in hand)

W-key for walking with raised gun or axe
2 x W-key for jogging with raised gun or axe

I would prefer to use the same control logic like in standig position. Hope there are some people who can understand what i mean.

Prefer these new movement restrictions.

Get away from FPS twitch type gameplay.


so it is realistic, that you need to lower your weapon first to sprint?
imagine you are on a full server, and now imagine the laggs. have fun getting killed.

it was more realistic as it was before, in real life you can start sprinting from nearly every position within a half second.

They should improve the character movements in general. Would be a much closer feeling beeing in an apocalypse-scenario, if character movements would be smoother like in current triple A games.

Some people will just prefer anything that isn't a twitch shooter, even if that "anything" sucks horribly for reasons pointed out multiple times here. It's a realism-to-extent being sought here, not as-different-from-twitch-shooter-as-possible.

Indeed zerg, although the fact remains that both arma dayz mod, and dayz SA are both already hugely far from twitch shooters in the first place. there is no need to make controls a cumbersome mess to try and detract it further, that just leads to it being bad, as opposed to nice alternative to zippy fast paced twitch FPS games. multiple times iv been told since bringing these points up in forums and stuff that im a "COD loving Unreal Tournament twitch FPS Noob" who wants the game to be easy and unrealistic. this is dumb and the kind of argument lemons make because they have no sensible counter points to the fact a lot of what i and other players have highlighted in the changes, could be considered a wrong direction.