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Jan 20 2014, 8:05 AM (478 w, 19 h)

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May 10 2016

kingcrowbar added a comment to T89847: Character teleported to the middle of the ocean..

Same thing here at about 2100 CET last night.

Fresh spawn, I'm not sure where but in front of a coastal petrol station if that helps. I go to the petrol station then some guy comes up behind me and starts punching me and laughing over Voice chat.

Then I get stuck in a lag loop while trying to run away and can't change direction or look around without the view and location snapping back. Figure the server is having trouble so I exit and try another.

I spawn in the middle of the ocean with no land visible in any direction, but can hear the sound of a zombie and even heard a drink can being opened at one point while swimming away from the sun. (Random sounds or am I actually under the world?)

Anyway to request a character reset or do I need to leave game running to suicide?

May 10 2016, 5:13 PM · DayZ
kingcrowbar added a comment to T88900: When you kill someone, his corpse will disappear. Can't loot him..

Still happening.

Was looting somebody that we downed on steps/front door of jail type building then very quickly list of items on left was getting shorter then body disappeared.

date: 17/02/2014
version: 0.35.115188

May 10 2016, 4:38 PM · DayZ