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When you kill someone, his corpse will disappear. Can't loot him.
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Today I got attacked by a bandit and I could defend myself shooting at him, then I thought "Yeah, I can loot some of his ammo!" but then his corpse vanished. I think that this is because he dies and instantly press "log out", then it disappears. Could you make corpses more durable, like 20 seconds more even if he disconnects? It would be great. Thanks.

Edit: By the way, it happened other several times, not only on this example.


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Kill someone and he has to disconnect from the server. Corpse will vanish making unable to loot anyone.

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Annoying trouble which makes pointless being a bandit.

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Marcuz added a subscriber: Marcuz.May 8 2016, 2:54 PM

He might of not been dead, he probably disconnected. Are you sure the server was version 113860 and not 113822? In 113860 his body should of stayed regardless.

If you are completely sure it's 113860 then it most likely is a bug, yes.

No, I saw how he fell dead on the ground, then disappear. And yes, it was 113860.

I might have noticed this in 113772. I put a couple of rounds into a guy, he fell over. I hit him with my fireaxe to be completely sure he was dead. Moments later his body dissapeared. I assumed he combat logged but it might be the same issue.

they are logging because the perma unconcious crap lets you log out in the unconcious state so even if you die since patch you can still deny your killer your loot....a better fix is to get rid of perma unconcious entirely....I remember when killing a guy actually happened in day Z I miss that....weapons need to be balanced, melee shouldnt 1 and 2 hit perma unconcious players while I need a full clip or a perfect headshot to kill with a gun it is currently way out of wack... when bullets do less damage then a crow bar something needs to be fixed

once someone is perma unconcous you cannot kill them no matter what you do to them....I in fact have never been killed when in a perma unconcious state even though I have sat in it for over an hour post the latest game version 860...they need to get rid of the perma unconcious garbage...there was a reason for that several hundred post thread about it before they supposedly made it happen less often and it still happens every time I get in a melee fight axes are wayyy Op as are most of the knock out weapons, soleley because of the knock out's as bad as the old broken leg every time you melee thing they had to patch out of the mod way back when....

Occurred earlier today, returned fire on a player and killed them. Was able to get to the body and get some items, but within around 30 seconds the body disappeared mid looking at kit.

Yes, maybe he was unconscious then logged out, I couldn't finish him because of an obstacle, and deleting unconsciousness has something bad: You can't be revived, so this could make a big debate. The solution is this: If you are unconscious and you log out, you will die BEFORE logging out, then the corpse will remain.

thats hardly a solution....the issue isnt unconciousness it is that it happenes too frequently from melee, you never regain conciousness and that you never die even after your unconcious even if bleeding or getting axed in the back of the head...they need to allow you to die from your wounds, take damage while unconcious and have a set time for unconcious like it used to be not the permanenet version that makes you invulnerable and lasts forever...

jahrein added a subscriber: jahrein.May 8 2016, 2:54 PM

i had like 15 kills today as i am a mosin sniper in cherno i like to hunt bambies... only 2 of those we could loot with my gang of 3 friends.

So the disappearing of the corpses started just today after the 860 release. Please fix it :( makes being a bandit totally useless

shooting person and gettign ruined gear makes being a bandit useless but thats neither here or there....people have always been able to log out in perma unconcious now that they are dead either way why not log right away? you are dead if you stay and dead if you leave...the PERMANENT version of unconcious needs to go out of this game is was a crap feature that everyone thought was a bug at first adds zero to the game and makes melee super op at close range, not to mention the myriad of bugs like unconcious sliding/movement, combat log while unconcious, invulnerability , oh and never waking up from on hit to the head....

Caiden added a subscriber: Caiden.May 8 2016, 2:54 PM

Took out two bandits at balota today, when they were shot and down on the ground they started lagging away, and when I was about to grab one of the guys magazines, his body dissapeared and so did the other one....

Trenix added a subscriber: Trenix.May 8 2016, 2:54 PM

Can confirm this as well, got into a firefight at Airfield, me and a friend killed total of three guys and my friend died in the proccess. I went to loot three corpses, the moment my friend pressed respawn, his corpse disappeared. The other 3 guys were also despawned, one as I was looting. Can provide video if needed.

Dean Hall just twitted that he fixed it, the body will remain at the server if you log out. Cool!

Just had the same thing happen to me. Killed someone bent on killing myself. After about 30-45 seconds his body disappeared before I could loot everything.

I have experienced this several times (unfortunately for you, I am on the bandit wagon!). I think it's combat loggers..

I shot 3 guys today;
1st: only shot him 2 times and he ran behind a bush..went to loot body but was not there. Assuming he combat logged.
2nd: put atleast 10 bullets into the guy and he fall over dead then body disapear.
3rd: Shot the guy atleast 3 times in the back and he ran behind a building and combat logged. (all 3 guys had guns and gear so gives them more of a reason to combat log)

Need to copy over the combat timer from the mod temporarily. Otherwise everyone is going to abuse this.

dsmokey added a subscriber: dsmokey.May 8 2016, 2:54 PM

I think this has been solved allready?

Junos added a subscriber: Junos.May 8 2016, 2:54 PM
Junos added a comment.Feb 13 2014, 5:59 PM

This was recently fixed. Bodies despawn after 10 minutes now.

Cronuz added a subscriber: Cronuz.May 8 2016, 2:54 PM

It is not solved.
happend twice in a row.
killed a person, corpse is gone before i could get too it.

Version: 0.34.115106

Hey folks,

there was one small issue with this. We are currently testing a fix on the internal build.

Thank you for your feedback!

Still happening.

Was looting somebody that we downed on steps/front door of jail type building then very quickly list of items on left was getting shorter then body disappeared.

date: 17/02/2014
version: 0.35.115188

This has been fixed and will be patched in one of the upcoming updates.