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Character teleported to the middle of the ocean.
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My character is stuck in the middle of the ocean and I am unable to respawn. There is no land within view distance. {F29015}


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I'm unsure.

The server lagged and I received a yellow chain indicating connection problems and started rubber-banding around, then I was stuck in one spot and couldn't move so I then alt+tabbed out and closed the game(I couldn't press esc and open the menu to exit).I then logged in and I was in the middle of the ocean, I'm stick on all servers.

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I can't play until this is fixed essentially, my character is stuck until I die.

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Same thing happened to me around the same time.

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Same thing happened to me. Eventually died after 2 hours.

I just had the same issue. The game bugged out when I was just north of Balota earlier today. Quit playing and came back a few hours later. I spawned in the middle of the ocean and the respawn option isn't available.

Edit: I was able to swim to land, but it took around 30 minutes. I used 3rd person view underwater to see where the land under water looked to reach the surface and swam toward it.

Same thing happened to me. But i am unable to die. Its been like this for two days now.

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owned lol

maybe you fell under the land? can you see things above you?

Johnson added a subscriber: Johnson.May 8 2016, 3:14 PM

If this really happens, it should be fixed asap.

luttz added a subscriber: luttz.May 8 2016, 3:14 PM
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I needed to put a 5 cent piece such that the moving forward key stayed pressed to starve faster and still took a few hours - I watched TV then. You could also play sth. else and leave it then running like this overnight. Hopefully they fix this soon :-/

Same thing here at about 2100 CET last night.

Fresh spawn, I'm not sure where but in front of a coastal petrol station if that helps. I go to the petrol station then some guy comes up behind me and starts punching me and laughing over Voice chat.

Then I get stuck in a lag loop while trying to run away and can't change direction or look around without the view and location snapping back. Figure the server is having trouble so I exit and try another.

I spawn in the middle of the ocean with no land visible in any direction, but can hear the sound of a zombie and even heard a drink can being opened at one point while swimming away from the sun. (Random sounds or am I actually under the world?)

Anyway to request a character reset or do I need to leave game running to suicide?

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me and a buddy were playing last night down near cherno and we had similar symptoms (rubberbanding and all) and then were teleported out past the edge of the map on the east side. it's weird out there, no grass or trees or anything, just bald rolling hills. we had to run west for a while before we saw the treeline that marked the edge of the map. glad it put us out there and not out in the ocean.

a little later it happened again, but this time warped us to the little bus stop/train station at the end of the tracks near the nw airfield. we had switched servers at this point since we thought the first warp was a server issue. after the second warp i fired up fraps, but it never happened again.

luttz added a comment.Jan 19 2014, 5:57 AM

Same thing happened to me today. Needed to wait for starvation for 4 hours and such couldn't play DayZ nor anything else.

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This is a duplicate report, please refer to: #8560 for further information and development.

Thank you for your feedback.