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Sep 29 2017, 12:33 PM (312 w, 4 d)

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Nov 20 2022

fhleake added a comment to T162831: Arma 3 Old Man Scenario BUG.

I've rerun this scenario more than I care to admit and I can not get the Deliver The Counteragent task (STEP 7-8) to trigger success. Please fix.

Nov 20 2022, 4:23 PM · Arma 3

Nov 11 2017

fhleake added a comment to T126653: ghosthawk right gun .

Is the release of the upcoming DLC on Nov 30 considered a "proper update"? Will this be fixed then?
Thanks Wulf!

Nov 11 2017, 12:55 AM · Arma 3