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May 20 2024, 8:02 PM (4 w, 6 d)

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May 20 2024

billt117 added a comment to T177436: Standard Joysticks are not working anymore.

I am extremely happy to hear that joystick support was/is being worked on. I was hoping that it would have come with 1.0 but I understand that game development is a fluid and challenging task. I think a lot of the PC community is waiting on this feature. We could really use the ability to map throttle and collective axis for analog equipment. Controller emulation is just not cutting it. I personally would really like to sink my time into Reforger like I did with Arma 3 but all of my flight time in Arma 3 was done with a duel stick setup or HOTAS, I have no muscle memory with mouse and keyboard. Are there any updates on this that you might be able to share or allude to @Geez? Is it still being worked on? Thanks!

May 20 2024, 8:23 PM · Arma Reforger