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May 11 2016

Zettakagi added a comment to T109108: Side By Side error.

Hello Geez.

Unfortunately my graphic settings in DayZ are Very low running on 1920x1080.
Deactivated shadows, low anistropfiltering,no clouds,no anti aliasing and so on.

Graphiccard memory is set to 2GB.

And yes the low FPS are in some cities or villages.
In the forest area I get 30-50 FPS.
If I look in the sky I get around 500 FPS.
The interesting here is if I set up the Graphic to very high the FPS in citys and so on only drops by 5-10 FPS.

And this reinforces my theory that I only have low FPS cuz the game won´t use the full power of my graphic card.

The Nvidia geforce expierience tool shows me that dayZ only uses 20-30% of the graphic card (very Low setting) and 40-60% at Very High settings.
GPU-Z is showing me on both settings that my card isn´t boosting it´s clooking speed to turbo mode.

For example if I start Osu! (Music/ Rythm game 2D) it shows me that Osu! is using 70-92% of the performance and GPU-Z is showing me that the card goes in turbo mode (boosting clock speed).

I tried this with 5 other games (Archeage, Daylight, Skyrim, League of Legends and Faster than Light) Archeage, Daylight and Skyrim gave me the same results like Osu!.

Faster Than Light exact the same like in DayZ but Faster than Light is a 2D platformer and doesn´t need that much power to work.

League of Legends gave me a result between the 2 other results with other words it always jumped between turbo and normal/idle mode.

A solution for this problem could be to force the graphic card into turbo-mode with 3. party application but im not really a fan of this methode (some bad experience).

And I know if this is really a problem with the engine this problem can´t be solved so fast but maybe you guys could try to solve it in future releases.
And maybe this will solve the FPS problems from other players too.


I tried now something I first started Osu! and then I started DayZ and i got a great FPS improvement even on very high around 60- 80 FPS in cities and around 130-140 FPS in a forest.

And this with an another game in background.

If I close Osu! and switch back to DayZ the FPS drops back to 10-20 in cities and 30-50 in forest area.

May 11 2016, 4:34 AM · DayZ
Zettakagi added a comment to T109108: Side By Side error.

Hello Geez.

I haven´t any startup parameters in DayZ at the moment.

Like I wrote in issue #0022766 I can now start the normal DayZ.exe.
After getting 3 errors (DayZ could not be started | DayZ is already started | Memory/RAM error 0x0000009a "|Edit:sometimes ram error is 0x00000000|" ) dayZ is starting anayway and the side by side error is gone as long as I restart my PC.

I think battleeye is eneabled too cuz i can join every server without any problems.

I read somewhere that this error could be appear cuz dayZ is running 2 game engines at the moment one 86x and one 64x.

I just have an another problem that the game dayZ just uses 20-30% of my Nvidia GTX 780 Graphic-cards performance what results in very very low FPS ingame around 10-20 FPS.

May 11 2016, 4:34 AM · DayZ
Zettakagi edited Steps To Reproduce on T109108: Side By Side error.
May 11 2016, 4:34 AM · DayZ
Zettakagi added a comment to T109097: Myself and my friends are getting an error message whenever we try to start up dayz.

Hi there, im not a supporter but i had or I have the same issue and I found out how to fix it "TEMPORARILY".

I think u bought the game from steam.
First u go to the DAYZ game folder where the dayz.exe and DayZ_be.exe is.
It could be like this "E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ"
Then u start the game from the DayZ.exe u could get now 3 errors.

  1. Steam says game can´t be started
  2. couldn´t start Dayz.exe
  3. Some memoryshit error

but if u click them away DayZ will start anyway.

Now if u close Dayz u can normaly start it from steam without any error.

But if u restart your PC u will get the Side by side error again and must start it throgh the DayZ.exe again.

best thing to do is to make a shortcut on ur desktop and wait for an official fix.

Hope it will help u and ur friend to play DayZ again.

May 11 2016, 4:33 AM · DayZ

May 10 2016

Zettakagi added a comment to T86666: Massive FPS drop when looking into city..

Hi all,

to get rid of the FPS drops u need to set up your graphic drivers´s Power managment mode to "prefer maximum performance" or use a third party application to force your card to maximum performance.

(I personally don´t recommend third party applications to do this)<<<<<<

The low fps occur cuz DayZ is under clocking your graphic cards clock speed at the moment.

I only have a geforce 780 3GB and a first Gen I7 x990 with 12 GB RAM and get now stable 80-100 FPS in normal cities and 40-60 in very big cities with highest graphic settings on 1920x1080.

Hope it will help u guys with the FPS problem.

best regards

May 10 2016, 2:27 PM · DayZ