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May 11 2016

Jtevie added a comment to T106791: graphics issue.

to get rid of the issue just disable postprocess quality int the video settings.

May 11 2016, 3:14 AM · DayZ
Jtevie added a comment to T106020: new hack.

well... the timing was suspicious (just after the player opened the door) and i never had an issue like that happen before or since the incident. The screen just got darker every 1-2 seconds by about 10% and even if it was night time you can still see something. It never goes full black to the point you cannot see the action bar

May 11 2016, 2:43 AM · DayZ
Jtevie set Category to category:glitchabuse on T106020: new hack.
May 11 2016, 2:43 AM · DayZ