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I noticed when another user posted a hacker report, they were having the same issue as I, but did not mention it. When I log into a server, my screen is all blurry or blank. I have to go into configure, and click video. Then it will bring the picture back to view. This also happens when being damaged by a player or a zombie. The screen becomes blurry and will only be cleared up by pressing escape, clicking configure, then clicking video. It happened before, but stopped for a few of the updates, and now with the .52 update, the problem has returned. Is there a way to remedy this problem?


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User Malverik posted a video in his issue (ID: 0020361) about a hacker. In his video, you can see him taking the same steps to clear his screen's view every time he is damaged in order to see again. Here is the link to his video if the link can not be found. You can see him take the steps at 00:28 and at 02:58 of his video:

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This issue is well known.
The real problem here is this stupid script-kiddie hacker.

His name is: [cG]ZeRO

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to get rid of the issue just disable postprocess quality int the video settings.

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Thanks JT- just upvoted this before seeing the solution. My son and I were both having issues on our computers- mine wasn't for awhile on my desktop but the problem remained on my laptop. Looking forward to seeing if that does it!

The problem would only happen after I got hit by something... typically a zombie.