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new hack
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Friend has died because of a glitch where his legs would get repeatedly damaged until he died at the top floor of the jailhouse SE of Vybor. He went back for his gear and found 2 players that killed him. Took me 5 more minutes to get there and the players were gone. decided to guard what was left of his gear and a few minutes later heard footsteps outside. Door opened, I fired a few shots and the player ducked. After that he stayed out of sight and my screen started to get darker and darker until it went full black. I exited the server thinking it was a hack and joined another one. After i joined i noticed that my Field Of View was set all the way to maximum.

(sorry for wrong category. Just taught you might want to know)


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Not a hack, but a bug that needs to be fixed.

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well... the timing was suspicious (just after the player opened the door) and i never had an issue like that happen before or since the incident. The screen just got darker every 1-2 seconds by about 10% and even if it was night time you can still see something. It never goes full black to the point you cannot see the action bar

if i remeber right throwing a flashbang at night will make the screen black instead of white...maybe that happened