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May 10 2016

SgtWrbk added a comment to T69911: Detected By triggers activate after timeout even if all detecting units are dead.

I found a workaround.

You'll need 2 triggers:

  1. One main trigger (for alarm, backup etc)- your trigger you had issues with.
  2. For enemy unit.


-Name your enemy unit "unit1".

-Set "detected by" trigger with timeout and type in:
CONDITION: this && alive unit1;
ON ACT: a = 1;

-In your main (alarm etc) trigger type in:
CONDITION: a == 1;

-There you go!

I found another and easier solution that can also be used with more enemies.

  1. Name your player "player1" and your enemy "unit1".
  1. Set "detected by" alarm trigger.

CONDITIONS: this && unit1 knowsabout player1 > 3 && alive unit1;

2.1 For more enemies:
CONDITIONS: this && ((unit1 knowsabout player1 > 3 && alive unit1) OR (unit2 knowsabout player1 > 3 && alive unit2) OR etc......);

May 10 2016, 4:53 AM · Arma 3