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Mar 6 2021

Chie added a comment to T144667: DayZ Magazine Bug.

Online bugs are really frustrating! It is one of the things I hate encountering because it makes the whole gaming experience a bit slow. I hope this problem can be resolved soon. For the meantime, I suggest everyone to check how to play bed wars on! It is going to be fun and exciting playing it together for sure!

Mar 6 2021, 6:08 AM · DayZ Xbox
Chie added a comment to T144670: Base lost.

This is sad! I hope you can still recover the lost/missing loots. Its frustrating when all of your efforts have gone to nothing! Let’s hope it will still be fixed soon. While waiting, you might want to try new games and watch how to play it on PC! There’s a lot more you can discover here!

Mar 6 2021, 4:21 AM · DayZ PlayStation
Chie added a comment to T144848: Duping on accident!.

Aw! I feel you! I hate that sometimes lost of connection happens when you’re in game and its really frustrating especially when you’re playing with your friends. However, its okay! We just have to start over. And speaking of starting over, you might want to start playing minecraft bed wars game. It is going to be fun playing this game with your friends. You can watch here how to play Bed Wars to know more!

Mar 6 2021, 4:17 AM · DayZ Xbox