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DayZ Magazine Bug
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Ever since the new server wipe update have come out i’ve been really urgent to start anew with a new character and No duping but soon as i started my journey i found a M4-A1 with 2 extra Magazines as i go along and get into gun fights as i try and switch mags it glitches out with an invisible mag still stuck inside of the gun and wont let you drop the magazine out or even swap it with another mag but the ammo inside of the magazine is still functional i can provide a video if necessary but can this please be fixed in the next update because i have lost 2 guns to this bug


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Windows 10

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I would love for this to be fixed soon because i’ve worked hard to find those guns after the update came out but other than that I love the game keep doing a great JOB!!!

Man my AK-M has the exact same problem. It took me some work to get a hold of it and now i cant use it. Im surprised they haven’t responded to you, this is a serous bug. Non the less I love the game and im gonna keep playing lol.

I am also experiencing magazine issues on consoles. Magazines randomly becoming unloadable (unable to load ammunition into magazines/unable to load magazines into weapons). Also experiencing other inventory related bugs making items impossible to pick up, or perform any action with. I suspect this is a result of the anti-dupe patch. The issues seem resolvable by re-logging, however, re-logging isn’t a realistic approach to correcting this if you’re in the middle of a firefight and need to change magazines.
One more possibly related issue is the ghost rounds (hits not being registered by by enemies). Also a problem I didn’t experience until the duping patch.
These are all issues I experience consistently, every time I log in.
I’m very happy to see the duping finally dead, it’s awesome to be playing on pretty crash-free servers, but this is a big problem we got now. I’d really like to see the gunplay going smoothly again.

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Is this what you are referring to, if so I may have better described the steps to reproduce:

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