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May 9 2016

aragami added a comment to T60740: Make this game livestreamer-friendly.

"Livestreaming has generated significant amounts of revenue for Bohemia in the last 9 months,

Oh wow, where is this proof? This is a non-issue that should be downvoted to oblivion. Things like performance, stability, and assets should be the priority before users."

You could easily argue that the huge spike in popularity that Arma 2 : Combined Ops enjoyed last year is in part down to live streams on twitch combined with youtube of people playing DayZ.

As an issue it should be reasonably simple to fix, i mean it took the guys behind breaking point a few hours to implement their fix for removing the player name from the UI, surely if they can do it so easily then the devs at Bohemia can as well?

May 9 2016, 9:56 PM · Arma 3