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Able to store items inside of Vest inside of backpack/other vests
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Simple I can put a high cap vest or any other vest in my backpack/Vest and then store items inside of said vest. This effectively gives 6 extra inventory slots.

I am not able to view contents of the vest unless i put it on the ground first.

I can hot key items inside the vest and use them (such as an MP5K) ;)


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simple get a vest. Store it in your backpack and throw items in it

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If this isnt a glitch I would be thrilled as I need the space :) But for now I forgo storing items in there unless I absolutely have to

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Xyzabc, I see what you are saying. I didnt think of a situation like a mag in a boot but surely that can be simulated by making boots take up less space as opposed to giving boots a storage space when they aren't being worn. I disagree with a need for a system like that. I think that anything that isn't additional space on your person (with the exception of protector cases, ammo boxes or anything used specifically for this purpose)shouldn't be viable storage when in your inventory, certainly not allowing more space then they take up in any case.

How has this issue not been resolved yet? It seems comparatively simple to fix... It is like no one has noticed it.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 6:51 PM

i don't think its realy a bug. You have to carry more and more thinks unless you wanna kill only. And you have to search for it. I thought its a feature

Im pretty sure it allows for infinite storage, you can just stack these things forever (pants, in pants, in pants etc). It mightn't be practical for most things but you can store as many clips as you want and access isn't a problem because you just use the assigned reload key. It just doesn't make sense. If you put something with pockets in your backpack, you obviously don't gain space to put things because there are pockets in there, you lose it because the item takes up space. They took out stacking of "small protector case" for the same reason apperantly. It is just unrealistic IMO.

this should be a features for some items only, like I could put a bandanna or a rag in a stored vest in my backpack for example, but a all category system would have to be implemented for the game to authorise one item more than another one, and it might create more lag unfortunately.
No to inception,and ridiculous storing like a pants in a pants (try it at home) but we should be able to put a mag in a boot in a backpack to save space of both, but that is another story.

It's easy just drag the vest to your body and change vest to gain access.. nothing to fix..

andy added a comment.Sep 16 2014, 4:48 PM

Hello survivors!
We are aware of this exploit and it will be discussed and eventually tweaked.
Thank you all for your reports.

this has been fixed now, hasn't it Andy?

0.53 has put an end to this. gj.

andy added a comment.Feb 6 2015, 10:32 AM

Yup, should be fine now :).
Thank you all for your feedback as always.