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Melee not working correctly now.
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After trying the new patch, i saw melee are not working correctly, i can only attack one time and after i cant attack with fists or any melee weapons.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take out your fists or melee weapons.
  2. Attack something.
  3. Melee should do an animations and a impact.
  4. Try to attack again with fists or a melee weapon.
Additional Information

was not happening on the 0.45 patch

i still can shoot with guns

tried to upload a video but the feedback tracker dont like 28 mbs videos

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Sorry for the multiposts, i tried to post the problem with a video over 4 times and it was always saying the video was to big for the feedback tracker.

DayZ24 added a subscriber: DayZ24.May 8 2016, 6:48 PM

Absolutely right!
Same problem here. Fist & Melee broken.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 6:48 PM

Hi leeroynewman,

no problem. I have just fixed it.
This issue may be caused by clicking on attack button too fast. Please try to use attack button like this: one click one hit and after that click again. This should help you with this issue. In case of the issue still persists - try reconnect. Please let me know if this steps helped you.

Best regards.


Thank you for being fast about this problem.

Same problem.. I can punch a few times after I log in and then it stops working. I can't use any melee weapon until i relog

DJIdol added a subscriber: DJIdol.May 8 2016, 6:48 PM

Same problem here with any melee attack. I've tried clicking slowly as well but after a few swings it always breaks. I can also still shoot a gun, just no melee until I relog.

For those of you trying to click real slow. Try again, hit the button. Wait for the animation to complete. Then you click again, its abit slower, but it still works like a charm. Could go non-stop for me atleast.

its broken, saying click slower when you have 4 or more zombies on you like fruit bats isn't going to help because once it's stuck it also affects melee with fists and therefore you are left using the only weapon available bear in mind you may not at this point have any weapons to help you. fix it...

cav_guy added a subscriber: cav_guy.May 8 2016, 6:48 PM

I agree with pcriddle: it's broken. Clicking slower is a workaround, not a fix. I up voted this because it's so easy to do when the adrenaline starts flowing.

Even with slow clicking, there's a point where it just plain stops working. Only way to fix it is to respawn or disconnect.

Hello guys,

we are aware of problems with melee attacks. We are currently working on a hotfix.

Thanks for the reply Mr Accolyte "Thumbs"


It seems the melee problem still hapenning with the new version of experimental, some peoples reported it on reddit or the feedback tracker.


this issue has been fixed on our internal build and it should be patched in the next game update. Please try verifying the fix on the next experimental update.

Thank you!


the Ticket #14269 ( was closed for duplicate and R834 linked to the ticket here. However, the reported problems are different. This here says you can attack a Zombie bit the hits are not registered correctly. The other one was about not being able to punch (or shoot) at all.
Is this noticed?

melee is still quite buggy in 0.47 , seems to be alot of lag when fighting the zombies.

I had this same problem in experimental.

I shot three zombies and reloaded. 5 more zombies came and my gun wouldn't fire. I switched to my axe and it took one swing then wouldn't make any more. Switch back to the gun and it still won't fire and has ammo in. Empty the gun, load the gun, still won't fire. Go back to the axe and it won't swing. Tried boxing and it won't punch.

I realize I need to run, but by this point I'm pretty trapped in a room with 5 zombies blocking the door. Eventually I get past them and climb a ladder, bandage check half my gear is ruined. Deciding I can't log out standing on top of a building without getting trapped inside it when I login. I try climb back down the ladder and it glitches sending me gliding about 15 feet off the side of the build and falling to my death..

#1 killer in Dayz strikes again.

codea added a subscriber: codea.May 8 2016, 6:48 PM
codea added a comment.Jul 28 2014, 9:41 AM

@Accolyte - An update to this issue on the current 0.47.124631 experimental build, I have just been playing for the past 7 hours and I can confirm that this is still not fixed. I was at Elektrozavodsk with some friends looting and was meet with an onslaught of zeds that took at least 4 to 5 swings with a pristine fire axe to kill even though the axe was going through the zeds head or chest, absolutely no chance of punching them, fists go right through their face and body, shooting is the only effective way to kill the zeds. Also now when zeds die they appear in the position they were killed to other players but run the rag doll animation on the local client of the player that killed the zed.

We tested the punching of players to render unconscious, but again the fists go through the body and head, although if you look down at the feet of the other player while punching it registers a hit on the players chest, so we tested this by aiming at a players chest it registers a punch to the head, this worked 100% of the time between all 4 of us, then we tested this on the zeds and was effective only about 50% of the time.

This LMB bug has gotten so bad for me that I have to exit the game and reenter after every fight with a melee weapon. My LMB will stop working after about 5-8 swings of an axe, then it does not work for anything, no fists or ranged weapons at all. Very frustrating.

Problem still exists. if you are caught in a melee fight with more than one zombie it's a game breaking assured death. Melee weapons won't hit, punches won't work, guns won't fire, it's as if the LMB is unbound.

Damen57 added a subscriber: Damen57.May 8 2016, 6:48 PM

Can confirm I had this issue just now on current experimental.

Could LMB bug be an issue with the splitters axe?

Ok, so earlier I had the LMB, I was using a splitters axe at the time. I bleed out because I have no bandages, can't find anything to bandage with and can't attack since I am bugged. Spawn back in, grab a Farmers Hoe, can't find an axe, get in a fight, another fight and another and another, lo and behold and I have no LMB issue.

I also noticed that if I start shooting zeds, I can shoot them all day long or until I run out of ammo, whichever comes first and never worry about the LMB issue.

crashty added a subscriber: crashty.May 8 2016, 6:48 PM

So far I only encountered the bug while using the splitting axe or the fire axe

warcryr added a subscriber: warcryr.May 8 2016, 6:48 PM

might have something to do with crouching with the weapon. Every time I've experienced this is while or after crouching.

Confirmed happened to me 2 times first time i got killed because of that, really sucks...

Had this today while using the splitting axe against a few zombies. Works for a while, then stopped.

I didn't know whether it was because I was carrying a Mosin while I had a splitting axe and SKS on my back, but I might consider discarding the splitting axe and see how that works out.