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Female Characters start to look like Male charaters
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Female characters currently have next to no breast size, the more I gear my female character the more it looks like a skinny male character. Please give us an option from the creation screen to adjust the breast size.

Also please provide different hair styles for both Male's and Female's, this would help already.

This is hardly game breaking, however this is the only MMO that does not have these options.


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Create a female character, and gear that female character.

Even by only adding a vest you'll turn male, instantly.

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Wow, My apologies, it seems as though no one feels the way I do, but I wonder how blessed your Tera, Eve online, Elder Scrolls, etc characters are?

I feel that the initial customization isn't enough to make me feel immersed into the game as the character is limited to what some stereo types feel or perceive to be the norm.

I therefore apologize for trying to better a non existent feature the game needs.

You may now close my thread.

Why is this getting downvoted, exactly?

Good suggestion, OP.

some more customization options would be really nice. But as there are more things that presses concern like bugs etc, I wouldn't care how bad characters look... yet.

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Just my own opinion, but i already feel there is enough 'tits' in the game :p

You should also be able to adjust the size of Deans nose :)

More different body shapes would surely help - not only breast size but also shoulders, waist, hips, limbs etc. for both sexes. Adjusting facial features should also be possible.