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Invisible Zombies
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I was attacked by invisible zombies, I saw a bug report that was marked as resolved on 2014-05-19 by JStewart, but this happened to me twice last week 2014-06-12.

If this is fixed by 0.45, my apologies.


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Random, first time happened after a server reboot.

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Arcline added a subscriber: Arcline.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

Just logged into 0.45 and still getting hit by invisible zombies. Logged in with a buddy and start running. We hear them getting closer by their screams, then each of us got hit as we swapped positions trying to take them on. Cant see them and cant hit/shoot them

PsI-X added a subscriber: PsI-X.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

0.45 Still has invisible zombies, relogged back in and same. Zombies attack but cant see or kill them.

Hi guys,

Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this problem.

I closed out the issue since it was not possible for us to reproduce it on 0.45. Would it be possible for you to attach a video of the issue along with maybe a screenshot that shows latency/desync while the issue is present please?



PsI-X added a comment.Jun 20 2014, 3:37 PM

Hi JStewart

I am unable to replicate the bug when I started the game again to record a video but I only played till I found one Z.
Also note that last version I played on was 0.43 though Archer played on 0.44.
Ill leave ShadowPlay on next time to see if I can catch it but it seems sorted for me for now.


I'll just leave this issue open for now, just in case someone else reproduces the issue and uploads a video.



10xray1 added a subscriber: 10xray1.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

This just happened to me at the new jailhouse, north of Svetlojarsk on 0.46. I was exiting the jailhouse, and heard the zombie groan. I headed southwest towards to hill & rocks, still not seeing anything. After I got into the trees behind the rocks ... 3 hits and I was unconscious & dead.

I have also seen this happen to a friend on 0.45, the zombie appeared after about 30 seconds.

Although, I don't have video... It's the same hit effects/sounds as if the zombie was there there... but it's not... just like the pictures on the closed duplicate issue.

This seems resolved to me, I have not "seen" any invisible zombies since 0.46.

It looks like the invisible zombie problem is on the rise after the 0.48 push to stable branch, so still, if anyone would be able to upload some kind of repro steps along with a video that shows the bug on the latest version, it would be a great help for the devs. In the meantime we'll work on reproducing the issue on our end as well.

Thanks in advance guys,


syncito added a subscriber: syncito.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

Happened yesterday in Exp 0.48.124737. Both me an my squad mates didn't see any zeds from NWAF to Balota. However we could hear them agroing and were hit several times.

No idea on how to reproduce. Re-logged (without restarting the game) to same server (UK exp dunno which one though) and it kept happening.

I get this too, I can hear them but not see them..

Egor added a comment.Aug 17 2014, 2:55 PM

I had this happen to me the other day after 3 respawns from invisable zombie deaths, I was very fortunate to meet up with a player who was able to contact the server admin. Server admin forced server restart and did not find any invisible zombies after that. (more info) Version 0.48 stable. Was on a low population server 9 players. The invisible zombies seemed to apear about 30 minutes after planed server restart, this server has a 4 hour restart. (Have not encountered any other invisable zombies since.)

Just happened to me. Heard invisible zombies and next thing zombie attack sounds then got hit.

Jegerns added a subscriber: Jegerns.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

I got totally ripped apart by 6+ invisible zombies last night, wierd thing is that i heard them for about 5 minutes before they did something.

Randomly happens in 0.49, can happen quite often!

A Hungarian and a UK client connected to a German server both experienced a single invisible zombie together, so I guess the issue is not client-related.

My current guess is that if a zombie is gets hit at a certain point in it's animation sequence, the ragdoll death is initiated without the zombie actually dying, and leaves the zombie without a body.

On occasion the invisible zombie can be hit, but it is usually not where it's sound or attack is coming from. Maybe sunken into the ground and attacking from below or from lower then normally.

VERY annoying bug! The only thing to do is to immediately start sprinting away and loosing the invisible zombie by breaking it's line of sight long enough for it to stop following. This in itself is dangerous and annoying, new threats noticing, teams separating, way back blocked by the invisible zombie standing SOMEWHERE. Any passer-by will get attacked.

Server restart clears the situation.

jokke_ added a subscriber: jokke_.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM
jokke_ added a comment.Oct 6 2014, 3:22 AM

This also seems to happen when there is a clitch player for example running to room next door trying to hide ... At least once tonight zombie kept hitting in the room where the original attack happened and character died on the room next door.

I think this might be related to this issue:
Maybe its even identical (the zombie is not truly invisible but there is a perfectly visible zombie having a party with your hitbox while you are elsewhere).

I don't think it's the player hitbox getting stuck, because

  • the invisible zombie can be "taken off" a player by another player going close enough
  • running away results in the sound coming from the invisible zombie follow, can be left behind by sprinting, the sound comes from further; then slowing down, the sound catches up, and if it reaches the player, it attacks

I think this has been resolved, thought I encountered it the other night, but it was zombie hitting me through the wall.

Just had one encounter on exp servers from UK and SWE last night...upon server restart situation seems to be fixed again...maybe it's somehow connected to the "loot glitching through floor of house"-problem, aka infected running underground and hits you from there...wait..."infected moles"? ;-)

I was on a experimental server and i had about 7 Zombies in 3 towns or cities who were invisible but could hit me! please fix

Guyver1 added a subscriber: Guyver1.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

Still happening in Experimental 51.125716

tried multiple servers and logged off multiple times, still getting attacked and chased my invisible zombies

Date of January 6, 2015. Stable Version 0.51. Just experienced for the first time getting killed by an invisible zombie. What happened was I fight fighting an undead soldier zombie, and as soon as I killed that one, an invisible zombie started to attack me and left me for dead. I tried to melee the open air in front of me but I heard no successful targeted hit sounds.

KahLeeb added a subscriber: KahLeeb.May 8 2016, 6:35 PM

This happened to me Jan 6th, 2015. 0.52 Stable Version

I was at NWAF (jailhouse) a zombie followed me inside, so i ran up the stairs and closed the door behind me, leaving the zombie outside. But the zombie was invisible and was in the room with me attacking me (various spots in the room, i was not standing by the door), it sounded like i was hitting it back with my melee weapon but I couldn't tell for sure.
When i opened the door the zombie (visually) was still standing outside the door at the top of the stairs, not moving, however when i hit the visible zombie in the head it died and i was no longer being attacked by the invisible one.