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Losing Connection after 15 minutes, when trying to exit server game freezes
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I've been having this problem for a couple of months now, the patches have not fixed it.

After about 10-15 minutes after playing in a server I will get a solid yellow chain followed by a red chain, and the "No response from server in XX seconds..."

I hit esc and then EXIT, which then does not bring me back to the main menu, it freezes my game. So I then have to alt+ctrl+del and close it with the task manager.

This happens every time I play, so if I'm with friends it is really frustrating because they will have to wait for me while I rejoin the server to only have it happen again 15 minutes later.


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Play the game, happens every time.

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I don't know if it's a port I need to open, or maybe BattleEye is timing out? All I know is that there is a sudden disconnect about every 15 minutes, you can still run around as a character but the doors and items do not work. And it doesn't happen to any of my friends that play, but it does happen for other people posting on the forums.

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As of 8-2 this problem is still happening. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the game with no luck. Scanned my computer for multiple problems with no finds. I'm not that technically inclined to figure out if it is a problem with my router, but it doesn't seem like it.

After disconnecting many times and finally timing the experience, I noticed that each disconnect was around 15 minutes, give or take a minute. After learning that I decided to try leaving the server around 12 minutes or so, and then immediately re-join the server. This would take about a minute or two to get past the "Please Wait", and then it was like restarting the timer, because then it would take the whole 15 minutes to disconnect again.

This has to be something with server and client, maybe battleeye client and computer? There is a 15 min timer and at that point something goes wrong, please help me fix this issue, I have not found any solutions online.

Hello Bluuhunter,

In order for us to investigate further, please provide the following:

  • The IP address of any one of the servers that you lose connection to.
  • The exact time you lose connection to that server (along with your time zone).
  • Your Steam ID url. Example: "".
  • Your ingame name.

Also, please perform a tracert command to the IP address that you provide us. In order to perform a tracert command you can use the following steps:

  1. Press R while holding down the Windows key.
  2. Type in cmd and press enter.
  3. Type in "tracert" without quotation marks and replace with the ip address of the server that you can't connect to.
  4. After the tracert is complete; right click inside the command window and select "Select All" .
  5. Copy the text and paste it in your issue on the feedback tracker.

If you prefer to send all your information in a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".



Thanks for sending in all your information. I'll send it across to the devs so that they can investigate further.



Okay, thank you. I hope they come up with something, I would really love to play the game without that happening for once.
It's pretty hard to team up with people and disconnecting so often and they have to wait a few minutes every time.

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I would like to add that I am also having this issue.

I've been playing for a few weeks now and all of a sudden it started happening. I don't think it had anything to do with the 0.48 patch, because this started just yesterday.

Same 10-15 minutes before losing connection to server while the rest of my internet connection is fine. The first time this happened, I killed the process when the game froze after attempting to exit the server. Which seemed to cause problems launching the game afterward (it would say DayZ.exe was not responding as soon as I launched, but eventually it stopped doing this).

Later, I found that you can wait out the freeze, it seems to take about 2 minutes to 'unfreeze' and return to the server list.

I would also like to add that this appears to happen regardless of what server I'm on.

This is also happening to me. It started last night 8/17/2014 around 10pm EDT. I already tried different solutions and it's still doing the error and it happens in all of the server that I join.

I am having the same problem but I don't see any red chains only 'no message received' then when I try to exit and click yes, DayZ.exe stops responding and I have to end task.

This has never never happened before to me and I have been playing since launch off and on, this only started happening yesterday afternoon.
It does it eventually happen on every server official or otherwise.

If I wait for the timer to reach 90 sec and click restart it also crashes.

I have reinstalled battleeye and validated game files.

Is it worth uploading the files for the devs to look at?

I would recommend to upload the files for the devs to check, I heard a lot of players suffering the same issue. One of my friends saw me that I got kicked by ther server because there's a "battleye client not responding" thingy on the message tab in game after the game crashed.

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I just started having this issue as well as of today. It happens consistently. The game does go unresponsive when you try to exit the server, but I left it once for a couple minutes and it eventually became responsive again and loaded the server browser, albeit with a messed up 3D background and the server browser seemed to be loading slower than normal.

I also started having this issue Aug 16, 2014. I was playing Aug 15 without any problem, then the next day, the exact same issue everyone is having is now happening to me. Yesterday, I uninstalled dayz, battleye, removed everything from the registry, complete clean wipe, rebooted, re-download dayz, reinstalled everything, and still doing the exact same thing.

Yeah this started happening to me also on the 17/08/2014. This is making the game unplayable. Please fix this as soon as possible.

Same here.

Have a good ping on all server 50 at 60 ms but disconnect every 15 min.

Have make a little test.

*Check the game via steam doesn't change anything.
*Restart with new character on normal/hardcore doesn't change anything.
*Restart Direct x (in dayz document) does not change anything.
*Change all the graphic on low, med , high, custom doesn't change anything.
*Change all the options too doesn't change anything.

A lot of player have this serious issue.

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i have the same problem

i have reinstalled steam and dayz more then 2 times.
i have change my graphic resolution
i have played without antivirus and firewall
i have staretd the game as adminstatrator

nothing helps. same problem!

if i play on full servers, i can see that alot of people get disconnect. Battleye says " Corrupted Data #3".

When you get no message received wait 90 seconds. It will quit to main menu, freeze for a bit. Then you can get back on. Your character is not lost that way.

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So... i have solution for this problem ( for me ) now. I have tried so much to repair that problem but nothing could help. so ich used my second computer and i have installed steam + dayz again on the second computer. now i am loggend in about 50 minutes without any disconnect, freeze or something.. whats now the problem?

Another one here with the EXACT same problem as mentioned here. Game is now unplayable.

@AnyVoxel, but its a bit dangerous to wait that long, because your char is fully hitable when u get no message, tested by a friend on me

uninstalled battleye, dayz, steam.... deleted every instances of it... including registry. re-downloaded everything. Still having the issue. Everything worked on august 15, then the problem started on august 16. nothing changed on my system. problem is with one of the three i listed... i think others will agree... this needs to be fixed asap or give us our money back.

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Same problem, very annoying. Can't play. I will try to reinstall arma II OA right now.

@mr.cuddless, yes I agree, I've tried a lot of the same troubleshooting as anyone else and still no fix. I haven't wanted to even play the game at this point untill it's resolved, but I also love playing the game and it's hard to stay away.

@Snork315, I have also noticed you are still vulnerable when you are disconnecting as we are. If you are running you will still run forwards in game for a short while, then sit down and finally log out. So I have died on a few characters when this has happened, as a result of either running off a building or being attacked by a horde of zombies that was chasing me but then my character stops and they all jump on it. Obviously you cannot see it as you stop getting the connection fed to your computer but my friends have seen it happen multiple times.

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I found a fix (at least for me). You can try this:

  1. Backup @mod and Chache folder of Arma II OA
  2. Reinstall Ama II OA
  3. Uninstall battleye by open the unistall BE (.exe)
  4. Overwrite the BEClient.dll and BEServer.dll in the Steam\common\ArmaIIOA\BattlEye folder with this ( ) & ( )
  5. Install the BE with the BESetup
  6. Start arma II OA from Steam and then quit in the menu
  7. Place the folders previously backupped in the armaIIOA folder where originally were
  8. it's good if you verify the chache before starting the game


this is DayZ not arma2. i don't own arma2

Bump. Come on Dev's please help me out!

Hey guys,

this issue was caused by a recent BattlEye update, which should now be fixed by BattlEye themselves.

Please refer to this issue #0015889 for information on how to solve the problem or to provide additional infomation.

Thank you very much.