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Item duping exploit!
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You can dupe an entire inventory. This exploit needs two people to work.

It always works and should be fixed ASAP.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Player 1 and Player 2 meet up.
  2. Player 2 takes off any head protection.
  3. Player 1 starts punching Player 2 in the head until Player 2 loses consciousness.
  4. Player 1 enters Player 2's inventory and keeps the window open.
  5. They wait until Player 2 wakes up.
  6. Player 2 logs out while Player 1 is still in Player 2's inventory.
  7. Once Player 2's body disappears from the game, Player 1 starts throwing items from Player 2's inventory on the ground.
  8. After this is done, Player 2 logs back in - with every single item still in his inventory.
  9. There are now two copies of each item on Player 2 - one on Player 2 themselves, the other on the ground.

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I have not tested this issue but it needs to be recognised by the devs.

Tested it 5min ago and its working like described.

it's preposterous how easy this is and how long it's been around. There are multiple duplicates on here yet nothing is happening. game breaking! oh wait, according to Hicks, it's only fun breaking. so everything is fine!

This issue has 100% repeatability, please up vote!

@moeb1us i would say currently that the dupe issues, although annoying, are lower down the list of importance untill most features are added. as more features will likely re add duping possibilities, so to fix it once, then go ahead and update to then have to fix it again, and again makes less sense in a development time frame. the game is not really "playable" anyway with no storage no vehicles and so many bugs, so dupers are really just kidding themselves right now. i would rather they continue to try and fix real hacking vulnerabilities and such whilst still adding the content and (hopefully) upgrading the server to 64 bit and so on. the exploits can and should be dealt with later down the line, i did up vote however as it is still an important issue

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Can anyone verify whether or not this works in 0.45? Thanks.

Yes, it still works as described.

Updated version to current build, then.

I agree with Ninjah.... duping is the only way to defend against the lowlives that teleport hack... tell me.. how can a bambie with bambie clothes on wield a fully kitted m4 about 2 mins after I killed him...only two people on the and him

This is not "the only way to defend" yourself from hackers. This is also cheating.

no way..cheating is when you spawn in items from a 3rd party program... sorry but I consider this useing a feature of a broken game to help myself and others actually.... against the devious tits that choose to Hack in items..but I can see your point.

Tested similar bug, still works

See Ninjah, this is what I meant by game-breaking. It changes the balance and actual availability of equipment and weapons in a way that is not desirable, on many levels. People get a wrong assumptions of availability and the loot/weapon distribution. Devs are trying to push people inland with heightening the scarcity of military drops on the eastern part of the map, but you can too easily just lol at it and create your own items by duping.

moeb1us, To first dupe you must have the items you want to dupe, meaning that one or more players have items. Yes it does unbalance the game, but don't forget about the person that had to search hours (even days) for one part to a gun, the fact that loot doesn't respawn and is so scarce duping is to be expected. Duping will continue at high levels until the devs fix many of the issues with loot as it is.

Days? Please. Go to NWAF (20 to 36 minutes at the most), browse through the tents, log off, go on a different, empty server, rinse and repeat. You can have a fully-kitted M4 or AKM in less than an hour.

Yes days, M4 parts cannot be found in tents at the moment(except for weapon flashlight), and finding a server that just restarted can take hours to find alone. I prefer the M4, I spent days and nights looking for a damn part for it and finally my friend finds it on a heli crash; at the end of the day the game loot is too damn low, and yes loot respawning is possible in the current version just not implemented.

Have you tried having player 2 log out and then in a second time after the items are duped?

Yes. His items stay on.

Just tried it again in the current stable build. Works as described. Nothing wrong happens to both players even after relogging and experiencing a server restart.

I get that fixing glitches takes time, but now that they introduced grenades it would really be nice if they stopped this. It's been known since May. Just yesterday me and a buddy stumbled over a house in Khelm that was full with a shitload of left behind items from a duper kitchen.

app, wake up, these guys are doing what the devs are asking: giving feedback so they can work on the game. What are you doin here anyway?

Have you seen the submission date for this issue? Cool, it's in the last changelog. It wasn't when I submitted the issue.

Your comments contribute nothing to this matter and I would really appreciate it if you took your snark somewhere else.

Confirming for 0.47 stable.

damm when are they gonna fix this duplications ? its a game breaking bug , hope more guys will upvote this bug,i dont want to see tents + duplications it will destroy all the gaming experience ;/

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This duplication bug/exploit is still working in patch .48. Many of the problems with hacked mags spawning are due to this duplication bug allowing players to clone the few mags that are still in.

I recommend a complete wipe of the stable branch once this duplication bug is fixed so that all hacked items and items which should not be in the game still, can be removed. Unsure why this hasn't happened already to clear out the hacked mags that have lasted since the magazine - to - server fix.