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Repeatedly pressing F can forage massive number of sticks / berries / apples
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If a player records a macro to repeatedly, quickly press 'F', then looks at the forest flor and triggers the macro, after a few seconds a very large amount of kindling starts appearing at their feet. When they walk around, a trail of kindling is spawned wherever they walk.

It seems likely that the kindling forage is not timed, but is triggered each press regardless of how the animation plays.

Also works with apples and berries.


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Record a macro to repeat pressing 'F'
Look at forest floor/bush/tree and activate macro

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Haven't tried to see if it works just pressing F very quickly with no macro but seems like it would work?

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isn't using a macro a hack?

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Of course it isn't, why would it be?

More importantly I reported this because it may point to some underlying flaw.

Verified for berries in 45.124299 Hardcore by just pressin F insanely fast, i recognised multiple search attempts(2 to 3) while only going trough one animation(which should be only one search attempt). So it is obvious where this is going with a faster way to spam the request.

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Works in Version 0.48.124674 just by spamming the F key

i thought it was intended, considering you can do the same with wells.

macros arent exactly legit, youre using 3rd party software to emulate key presses. that is cheating, no matter how you look at it. if you cant press the key as fast as the macro does, you have an advantage over others. thats the bottom line.

Works from the middle mouse button if you spam that too whilst foraging.

I can usually get this one to work if I'm kneeling. I first noticed it north west of Zelenogorsk...there is a house near the woods with, I think, 4 apple trees, and a shed with an extended roof for storage...where you usually find an axe, hatchet or chainsaw, it's on a road that eventually leads to a military camp. Anyway, if I kneel and start spamming the F key with my finger or some macro program, doesn't matter, I soon get multiple attempts to get an apple. It usually triggers after the first animation sequence completes...then it triggers about 10 attempts, it looses the text to search for apples for a minute like I've overloaded a buffer or something, then it allows for more. I am curious whether it's overloading the system, and when something does that, if the game gives a cancel option by default when normally it wouldn't. I can create a video upon demand.

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Still happening in latest Exp 0.58.128916 - though i`m not sure if i can always reproduce it. This might be server/desync related. What i do - is that i begin picking apples, wait until animation cycle is nearly finished and then spam F repeatedly. Very often it causes several apple-picking status messages, for both success and failure, as if more than one apple-picking action would be resolved by server, without the delay/animation cycle.

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The description given by Haos still works in current build 0.59 (stable) and also in 0.60 (exp).

Still happens in 0.61 exp.

@Geez may be close this ticket as obsolete?

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