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No gunshot sounds on hardcore/first person
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Often unable to hear players gunshots even from 10 meters away. Only bullet impacts in vicinity are heard. Has only happened in this scale on hardcore/first person servers. Two players with different hardware and software (audio & video) all the sudden got this issue. Changing servers, restarting game or computer, even reinstalling DayZ didn't help. Flush command seemed to solve the issue and is often required upon restarting the game due to the issue being persistent. Either player don't have this issue on third person servers.


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Playing on any Hardcore server.

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Confirmed but same problem on 3rd person servers!

Behaviour of sound b/w 3pp and 1pp is inconsistent. While some of this might be attributable to sound being heard at the raised perspective of 3pp, most of the time the issue is more severe than that. e.g. squad member in 1pp cannot hear fire from what appears to be a few meters away which other members stood next to him in 3pp can hear clearly.

This weird problem happened a lot to me, thanks for the feedback.

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still an issue in 0.44.123802 , happened to me yesterday on a hardcore server. Friend had a mosin and was only 20 or so meters away from me, fired twice at a zed, didn't hear a thing.

Funnily enough he could hear my gunshots very well when I fired.

This is still happening on 0.46. A friend of mine shot a zombie about 15-20 meters away and I didn't hear the shot. I also died at NEAF to this.

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still an issue in .47 or maybe it has gotten worse. Accolyte, why is this issue still unacknowledged that's ridiculous. Rocket himself has said he wanted to investigate this. Disappointing.


Can confirm, happend to me and a friend of mine.

I got "you are dead" screen, someone shot me, then my killers handcuffed a friend of mine and confirmed that they shot me

voted up for great justice.
i bet 8/10 reported unknown sudden death reasons are related to desync/lag and especially this bug.

Last night I was pretty healty and was figthing a zombie in electro industrial on the experimental/hardcore server. The zombie hit me once then looks like he hit me again and I died.
Now I don't know, was a bug with the zombie or another player shot me down? Would be nice a text message like: You are dead, another surviver killed you or something like this.

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This bug is connected to the bug that causes you to be unable to see attachments on other players weapons. If you can't see the attachments you can't hear the shots

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Come on ffs, 0.49 and still can't hear bullets or explosions that are 10m away.

andy added a comment.Nov 4 2014, 2:08 PM

Hi everyone,
thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.
Please use the #18245 ticket for this issue in the future.