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Food/Drink item dupe
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If you select to eat or drink any food/drink item , and whilst eating choose to exchange an item on the ground for the item you're currently eating - your character will eat the item in question, but the item will remain on the ground, completely unchanged.

You can essentially eat/drink forever, with no harm to the item.

Percentage based food items will simply not lose any content, remain at the same percentage as before. {F30873} {F30874} {F30875} {F30876} {F30877} {F30878}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put any item on the ground and have a food/drink item in possession.
  2. Select the food item in the inventory to be eaten.
  3. Whilst eating, replace that food item with the item on the ground.
  4. Observe as the food item remains on the ground after you've eaten it.
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Version is 0.44 Stable.

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Open Can. Receive endless bacon.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and are currently looking into it.

Please keep monitoring this issue for further updates.

This works with any usable item.
We tried using a splint on 3 different people and it worked fine.

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In addition, if the item on the floor and the item consumed are exaclty the same, the duped item will became buged, and you will be able to use it infinite times.

The same issue can be duplicated by simply removing the item of clothing that the consumable is in.

ie: 1. start eat all, drink or use animation

  1. Remove shirt, pants, backpack containing item
  2. When status message appears showing you have completed use, move clothing or backpack back to character
  3. Item can then be used again, and infinitely if you keep removing and returning clothing while in use.

You're not even needed to wait for message saying you've eated the food to pick your cloth back.
1-start eating
2-remove cloth
3-pick back cloth
4-item still full when animation completed

Still effective as of .45.124426. 06/17/2014

This isn't only with food/ drink, it can be done with any item which has an animation. E.g. Bandages, Morphine etc.

Now we can cancel actions, that should be easy to fix : during animation, if object is removed -> cancel action. The object will remains intact but effect will not be added. I think it can be done client side to avoid to stress server by checking each player during action.

This also works without having to drop the item. Initiate drink/eat/use - switch to item on your hot bar (IE - Pen, Gun, or whatever). The consumed item remains while the item from the hot bar vanishes.

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I can just click the red X as soon as the animation starts and wait for the animation to play out. The item will then at remain 100%.

Seems to have been fixed as of 47.124641 Stable.

Actions: Removing item on which consume action was called, not item which was swapped to hands during consume action

andy added a comment.Oct 21 2014, 9:45 AM

we believe this has been resolved, please create a new ticket if the issue persists.