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M1911 Magazine Backwards
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In the inventory menu when inspecting/holding in hands, the magazine is clipping outside of the M1911. Tried two different m1911 magazines. Refer to screenshot uploaded. {F30805} {F30806} {F30807}


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Load a magazine into the M1911 and look at it in the inventory menu.

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Experimental patch 0.44.123800

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Confirmed, for the new engraved version of the 1911 too, it clips in backwards.

Noticed same thing. Current experimental build 0.44.123800

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Same thing on 0.44123800 stable after update to stable branch.

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still problem in stable 0.44

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reported the same thing... voted on this one!

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This issue has been fixed on our internal servers. Please retest after a new patch and let us know if it's fixed.

Thank You for the report!

This still happens on stable currently, the engraved 1911's mag fits correctly however the normal one still fits backwards.

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I picked up an ingraved 1911 yesterday and the clip is still backwards

ITS FIXED IN Experimental wait for an update do you not understand english. i said fixed in 0.45. and Kira stated NEXT patch.

What Lord_Meshadieme said. This is currently fixed on the Experimental build of the game. It will be patched with the next update on Stable.

Thank you for your feedback!