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Dropping items under pine tree glitches the item in mid air
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I was sitting under a Pine tree, dropped my ammo box from my inventory to access the other level of item that don't show up in the inventory, and thought it fell through the ground. I looked up and the Box was stuck in a limb, and I was unable to retrive it in any manner; squatting below, standing in front of it, punching, axing, shooting it. {F30745}


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Dropping items under any bush causes this.

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Exact same thing happened to me. Dropped ammo box in pine tree cover to access the other 2 hidden slots that don't show up when holding it and it glitched into the tree about torso height. No way of getting it back, prone, crouching, or standing; tab or middle mouse button.

I had the same Problem with medical loot, clothes and cans.

I had this same thing happen with an sks. Logged out for about 2 minutes and logged back in and I was able to pick it up.

Really? no problem solvers here I see, use you ax and cut the damn tree down and pick up your gear. Trees and bushes eat gear and always have, use your head guys........

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Crafted an improvised courier bag while hiding in a tree. When I added the sticks to enlarge it, it vanished from the vicinity. Eventually I found it about a meter off the ground inside the tree. It was absolutely impossible to access it in any way.

I've lost several rifles this way too, since the standalone became available.

This is a duplicate of bug