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To much Zombies !
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There are to much Zombies,
i cant fight against other players , because i chased by zombies all the time.
It´s like Dayz mod, really bad !!! {F30624}


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We are two and one is only fight vs Zombies and the other one loots

Soooo, in a zombie apocalypse survival game you get upset that you can't kill people (like your battlefield etc buddies)because.. well... zombies are getting in your way ... maybe you should just stick to playing games that are not supposed to have zombies in the game .....

i'm agree with dhagens, if you want pvp, go play at call of duty

two guys killed my friend, after it i want to fight with them but 20 zombies spawned in front of me ! never play this shit again !

thats true thing. maybe it ll slowly go down, if they patch the zombies the correct way. but at the moment its hard to play single on a server, you are not able to loot buldings, because of perma zombie spawning and directly chasing at you.
another thing is, i startet new char and i was near berenzino at the coast, no city next to me. i tried to change my video settings, but i wasnt able to do it, because 2 zombies were attaking me. after i fought them down, 2 new zombies spawned directly next to me... was kinda annoying :/ sorry for my bad english


zombies are contantly being worked on and are to be changed again in the future.
Because this thread doesn't serve any real purpose, I will be closing it.

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we are not suppose to be fighitg bandits all the time.....its a survival game not COD or battlefield...did you ever think hmm why is it called day...ZZZZZ.I would not over react about the small zombie problems like getting hit once bleeding and spawning like crazy...that will probably be fixed in a hotfix really fast so you dont have to stop playing for months

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Can't you camp bro?

I wasn't planning on stopping for months... Just try again after the hot fix that is coming... As for camping in my case.. I think I will be dead when I log back in due to. The camp out timer... Zombies were running at me after I hit that exit button... I just let it be... Ah well... Fresh start... Too bad.. Was nicely geared for survival:)

as you wrote it in your second post: It is a post apocalypse game. More zombies are good.
But if to FULL equipt player are near of unable to play because you are only to fight vs zombies and you are unable to loot, run, bandit etc... and also, there is the "please wait" problem, hat all the zombies hit you death until you are able to play or see anythink. It is too(!) much. And without a fireaxt you have a big problem. Sickle 15x vs head of zombie = nothink. M91 Bayonet in hand 35x hit a zombie = nothink. You need an axt :S And as a respawned noobie, no chance.
Btw: Zombies spawn everywhere! IN the building/rooms, on the houses (see attachment)

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"Was nicely geared for survival:)" -> So you shouldn't have any problems with surviving :-P

When I played last night, I had an almost similar issue. But I liked it. Zombies still can't reach the second floor and you still are able to outrun them. So, where is your problem? One hit -> bleeding? So, there are so many T-Shirts lying around... tear into rags and you have no problem with bleeding anymore. And an other point: now it is interesting playing alone, looting a city. It's not so easy: killing all zombies, looting without fear of zombies...
I like it this way

this is not right. Dependent on the building zombies are able to run the stairs up. And they spawn inside the houses.
Please kill yourself and try it as a noob alone. Have fun.
Btw: If you love to fight continuously without anythink else play Left4dead

you are right, the game is about surviving the zombies and not only kos.
but it has also some different features exept double tapping "w" and run away from zombies.
yesterday i wasnt able to outrun zombies! i double tapped w until i couldnt see the zombies anymore at the horizon. but they were still following me the hole time.

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I like the idea of players finally needing a reason to team up. I dont think it's the amount of zombies that's the problem. If you ask me zombies should be more than just swatting a fly away. Once they play with the respawn mechanics it will get much better.. Just be patient

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moar zombies pls... ps. i like to shoot others too but zombies makes it more interesting

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I like the fact that zombies are more of a challenge, But the constant bleeding is a pain in the ass. You should not be bleeding from every zombie hit and they damage your equipment far to quickly as well. It was a bit of a surprises to kill 1 zombie the find 4 or 5 after you when you haven't seen that many in the area, but not a bad thing when you get used to it. Only other problem I have with them is their AI is far to good when you can't see them, but they can see you and the old clipping. They should have got that sorted first then did the zombie spawning IMOP.

Zombies are okay , but they spawn to fast and to near!
Also spawn outside from towns

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More than zombies I call them ghosts. They go through fences walls and doors. If you are unable to fix this problem seriously, the game would be a big step forward.It would be possible to win by guile. It would be possible to take refuge in the houses, block them through the fences. In addition, their hearing is overdeveloped, if you're at home you feel from the outside.

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I agree with Teras, the amount of Zombies isn't the issue. The issue is the fact that obstacles like walls and doors do not effect zombies. They just phase right through them!

I'm all for MORE zombies. I think it's great that zombies are actually the main, constant, threat in the game.

This issue has existed since the beginning, and I would have figured it would be a high priority since it involves AI clipping through the environment. Fix the clipping, fix the fact that they can come right up through floors (and sometimes hit you a few floors down from you). Make barriers like doors breakable, but give them a use!

Zombie spawn is ok. Zombie's walking through walls isn't. And zombie hit radius is over 9000, wtf?