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SKS doesn't allow full reload after paint
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I had an SKS rifle in my inventory, fully reloaded, when I applied the spray paint on it. I might have lost the ammo that was inside, but I also cannot reload the gun fully, I can only chamber it.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a SKS rifle.
  2. Apply spray paint on it, when the gun is fully loaded (note: I had the spray paint in my hands, not in my actual inventory, if that changes anything...)
  3. Eject the rounds, if there are any and it should only say: chamber the SKS.
Additional Information

I am not sure if I should've unloaded the ammo first, but this is a silly issue, as SKS doesn't even have a magazine, you can just put the bullets right in!

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I was wondering why my SKS would only load 1 round.... didn't stop to think that I had painted it just prior... this sucks! please fix!

The Mosin used to have this issue, too. I'm pretty sure it'll get fixed soon.


this is a known issue and we are already working on a fix. We appreciate your feedback however!

Thank you!

Confirmed, SKS green painted only admit chamber 1 round. Experimental: 42.116002

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Same thing happened to me.

Fixed in the latest experimental build.