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[Suggestion] Defibrillator Reviving
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I am thinking of something that might seem cool to implement in the game.
Reviving a dead person.

In real life, defibrilators are used on fresh dead persons, yes?
So let's try to use this to enhance the gameplay.

So my ideea is,there is a "You are dead" time clock.for example you can stay in the "You are dead" screen for 5 minutes, that's the interval that a player(friend) can come and revive you with the defibrilator,of course you can do a respawn in that period of time if you know you don't have a chance for reviving.

But, there is a but.Maybe you're blood level is too low,so in that 5 minute period you're friend can administer you a blood/saline bag that will partially raise your blood level,then use the defib to revive,after bandaging you.Or if he tries to revive you,and your blood level is too low,you respawn unconcious,so that player has to do a blood/saline transfusion fast.meaning if he doesn't have one bag,he has to find one fast.

That feature would be great to help out the "medics" of the game in my opinion.

When you revived,you start from health level 100, so you get another zombie hit/bullet "You are dead".

And to escape the exploit of this thing,meaning that you can't just stay there,and always revive like every 1 minute,you can be revived only after 10-15 minutes,after you died the first time.

So. You get shot at,"You are dead",5 minutes dead screen timer,friend revives you, you are shot again, This player has already been revived in the past 15 minutes,so he can't revive again.

Imagine how coll it will be,if they will add the drag person option.You are caught in a crossfire,the medic comes and drags you to safety,revives you and you are able to fight again.

Sorry if my english let's you down.
Good Luck and Have Fun survivors,hope you like my ideea :).


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Oh, i forgot to apologise if the ideea is already in a post,i searched defibrilators but couldn't find something like this :)

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i agree completely! defibs are kind of useless right now because epi-pens can do the same, that is, get a living person out of unconsciousness status.

defibs need some unique ability in order to make them worth carrying around. let them revive dead persons but these should be so weak after revive that they need all the support/food/drinks from their friends/other people otherwise they will fall into unconsciousness again (not die, unless damage is dealt)

that should be a fair trade-off.

We can go even a fatal shot (example: headshot), defibrilating is you are permanently dead. If you get defibbed once , you're health level is lower than the fresh spawn.(ex: get shoot, from 5000 health points , get revived once you're health level drops to 4000 or 4500...permanent damage maybe

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This should go in the Suggestions thread in the forums not here on the bug reporting site.

meka added a comment.Mar 5 2014, 5:40 PM

Defibrillators don't bring people back from the dead, that's a left 4 dead thing.
They are used to restart the beating of a heart when it has an irregular pulse.

They fulfill this use on the experimental version.
You can read the experimental notes here:

That's why i said i am sorry for my's true that the defibs are used to restart the beating of the hearth...i said it wrong...

And sorry..i am new to the forum and don't know the suggestion thread

lenni20 added a subscriber: lenni20.May 8 2016, 5:27 PM

Death = Irreversible loss of all vital functions.
Being dead should be the definite end also in the game.
In my opinion you can survive too much damage even in the current version.
Yellow boxes and pristine non bullet proof clothing can make you nearly invincible on distance when you have a teammate with medical equip.

ok when you have a heart attack from an arrhythmia or some sort of fibrillation then you get 10mgs of epinephrine and 200 joules to start the heart if that doesn't work after 3 time then it raised to 300 tried 3 more times if failed then raised to 360 and you stop after this. If the patient is shot (not including the head this is not fixable) this requires 2 people one to administer CPR (to keep blood flowing) and the other to stop bleeding remove the projectile if necessary then suture any arteries to prevent future bleed and suture the wound closed then you can attempt defibrillation after the heart is at a regular pace observe major rhythm changes and administer morphine every hour to ease the pain and then let them heal. THIS is what is done in real life just coming close in here will be a pain without bandits being kept at bay and people not manning the hospitals or a medical camp. this would be really cool when the game is finished and PVP's get kicked from servers that want to allow for total realism and other cool integrations like this.

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It's already in the works. You can judge by checking 'dead' players pulse. Warm to touch, cold, bla bla bla and something in between. It can be seen as indication that the defib is intended for revival.

zokeszt added a subscriber: zokeszt.May 8 2016, 5:27 PM

I don't think that you should be able to revie a person who got shot in the chest/head. A defib won't give you a new heart/lung/etc...

I think it's a good idea. In fact, the timer for dead body already exist. When you check pulse it says if the body is warm or cold. Defibrillator should revive someone who's dead if and only if this body is still warm. That revive him but unconscious because of blood loose. After that you can blood-bag him. You cannot do the blood-bag thing first because the heart need to pulse to carry blood.
Defibrillator can stabilize heart and can also restart it.
@zokeszt : "A defib won't give you a new heart/lung/etc..."
But a morphine can bring you back your legs if broken? ^^'