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Attacking with a melee weapon while getting killed block the left click control.
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When i am attacking someone with my melee and i get killed at the same time, i try the respawn button and it works, but when i respawn, i cant attack anymore, it looks like the left click is blocked (shoot, using melee weapons, punching), i still can use the iventory with the left click, i think its because the delay for the next time you attack dont get a reset when you respawn.

Also it happens on the experimental too.


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Press the attack command (left click) with a melee weapon or fists.
2: Get Killed at the same time you are attacking.
3: Press the respawn button.
4: Try to punch something with your fists (nothing happen)

Additional Information

I have to reconnect to the server to fix this bug.
It happens on experimental too.

Sorry for all the english mistakes.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: RaduV.Feb 23 2014, 7:38 PM

I had the same bug also. ( experimental server ).

Additional Info:

  1. Trying to set Left Click as primary attack didn't worked.
  2. I've deleted the Left Click as primary attack, and tried to set it again by clicking the mouse.
  3. I've deleted the Left Click as primary attack, and drag-drop from the list.
  1. Trying to set Right Click as primary attack didn't work also. ( removed Right Click as key for scope ).
Agilov added a subscriber: Agilov.May 8 2016, 5:19 PM

Same here (0.37).
Destroyed a Gasstation with an fireaxe (and died). After respawn, neighter fists nor weapons where able to attack.

Bug is still existing ( V 0.45)

Bug still hapenning and didnt got fixed.

Edit: Im gonna try on the new experimental.

Can we have a DEV that look this post, its been 5 months i am trying to show this to DEVs but my post is always getting burried by shitty useless suggestions.

Thanks a lot for giving a look.

I couldnt try this bug on the new experimental, because of problem that i reported here: , as soon this new problem is fixed i will try again and leave a comment on the result of the problem.

BadAsh added a subscriber: BadAsh.May 8 2016, 5:19 PM

Can confirm that this bug still exists in exp 0.47.

I am currently unable to reproduce the problem due to another. I just thought I'd let you guys know that we have our eyes on this one and will get back to you when possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.