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Eat All
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when using the "Eat All" feature in he new update it will literally eat all of the item your telling it to. EG you may have multiple bags of rice in your inventory, you use "Eat All" and you will, every bag, stuffed, vom etc


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Select an item to eat, have multiple bags (I've only tried this with Rice) use the "Eat All" feature. all the bags will be eaten. Start looking for water...

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I already said to fix bugs before adding new features.

This is again a new feature which has been added without testing it before.

And it's also a completely unnecessary feature, that doesn't add any realism or immersion, it's just implemented for the click-lazy whiners from this thread

I agree with Anon13, please stop wasting my money by adding more and more bugs. Fix the existing ones.

An alpha is for adding features and building the core game. A beta is bug fixing and balancing.

Confirmed, another broken patch.

Tinned food works (Checked tuna, sardines and beans) as it should even when multiple tins are open (will just consume one tin) have not checked the cereal yet due to not finding any.

may just be packets eg rice, cereal and milk effected.

I was not able to reproduce the problem on the internal build.

Please try reproducing the issue on the next update on the experimental build. It is possible that it was an oversight.

Thank you.

Since patch 37 (now 42), this as not happened again.