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Ruined Items Probability from Player/Environment Interaction is Unrealistic
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The amount of items that become ruined after some sort of interaction with either a player or environment is very unrealistic and annoying. If you take a shot in the upper back, it should only ruin/degrade items in the local vicinity (items only in the top one or two slots of your backpack, shirt etc). Currently, it seems taking one shot in the back will ruin 90% of items in your backpack, shirt, pants, etc. Certain items such as rags, clothing, food, or water should not be ruined from one bullet, rather slowly degraded by each shot.

These items will also become ruined by simply falling a short distance. Clothing should never be ruined by falling! Take a shirt and throw it out a window and inspect for damage, you'll find none.

Proposed solution: Localize the damage of shots by how they are arranged in that person's inventory. Certain items (rags, clothing, can openers, food etc) should receive the appropriate amount of damage for that given material. For example, a single M4 shot leaves a 5.56mm hole in a shirt, hardly enough to even warrant a worn condition.


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Shoot a player just once and remember where you shot them. Then compare the location and quantity of ruined items to where you placed the shot.

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Localizing the damage would force players to organize the important items in their inventory to slots in the clothing or backpack that they suspect are the least likely areas to get hit. For instance, most players would generally shoot in the chest area so you would place your morphine and extra mags in the lower portion of your backpack just in case you get shot.

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I have seen this behavior as well. Body shots ruin MOST of the targets gear. I don't know if head shots do the same or not. Also, fall damage to gear may be a little too high as well. A short fall and the gear in my pants can become dramatically damaged or ruined.

I'm totally fine with falls damaging gear, but it's unbalanced right now considering you can take damage from what appears to be a 2 foot fall, the gear takes too much damage considering the distance fell, and the player already suffers health consequences for any remotely serious fall (broken legs).

+1, very unrealistic damage spread. I was shot once in the torso with a vest on, and it ruined the vest, my shirt, my backpack, helmet and pants and nearly everything within.

This is also a HUGE problem with damage from zombie hits. It is incredibly illogical that a zombie can ruin a pristine pistol INSIDE a pristine protector case in the pocket of your pristine jacket which he ruined with one hit... I mean c'mon, what is zombie damage based on? a frakin hand grenade? Its a human hand, undead or not... not a damn chainsaw or explosion. It should take AT LEAST two hits to downgrade the condition of clothing one step. And I can see a piece of fruit, or paper, or other similar item getting ruined, but the current system SUCKS! Also, the same damn thing is happening to stuff in the pocket of your pants if you break a leg from a 3' drop... I mean, seriously??? PLEASE CORRECT THIS.

Agreed. The way how bullets 'ruin' items are extremely unrealistic. contamination, or stained with blood is one probability.

I 100% agree with Tahatton for the unrealistic zombie damage.
Just had my wool coat degraded from worn to ruined by a single punch from a male zombie. (And he almost broke my leg too although I was fully energized, hydrated and healthy.)
Clothes should be degraded by one step per hit, maximum. More resistant clothes such as coats or jackets should be able to take two hits before being degraded by one step.

cabbage added a subscriber: cabbage.May 8 2016, 5:11 PM

This is STILL a HUGE problem with damage from zombie hits.

Degradation from hits needs adjusting, agreed.
Associating a specific hit-zone with a specific item slot would be cool, but would take some doing. I would require an inventory redesign with it, displaying the actual item of clothing as a 'window' of your inventory screen with item slots placed over the zone of the clothing it represents. Hoping the upcoming menu redesign heads in this direction!

How does a zombie destroy a can opener made of metal?