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My Char was dead when i logged in, thanks to the new logout method.
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Most of the players are satisfied with the current logout system. But to me, its not useable in further game versions. Last time when i logged in, i found my char dead. I dont know what exaclty happend, but im quite sure a zombie killed me while i was in the 30 seconds logout process.

I looked carefully for a good logout point, means ..

  • i wasn't in a town
  • i wasn't inside a building
  • i was in the woods
  • i was hidden in a fir
  • i've made sure no zombie was arround (at least as far is i could see and hear)

I think everyone can image what happens when the game developing process continues, and thousands of z'ds crawl through cherno.

I either cant imagine, that noone already suggested a alternative logout method like the following one.

You still have to wait 30 seconds. But while logging out, you are still in full control over your char too. If you dont move and dont do any action (what could also include any kind of cumminication), the timer counts down and when the 30 seconds have passed, the logout is done (you could add a second step of confirmation here via checking a "You really want to leave?" button). However, if you move, or forced to take action (zombie appears behind a bush) again, while you are in the logout process, the logout is canceled and have to start again right from the very beginning, means another 30 seconds of no action. Thats just a rough idea. You can develop it quite easy to avoid exploits. Make logout only available with empty hands. Add extra time for every canceled logout process.

Dont know if thats the best, could also be worse. But what im quite sure of, is the fact, that the current logout mechanic will cause serious issues in further game versions. If you dont like it, vote down then, but please, just let us know the reason for it, so we can develop the idea.


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Logout in an obviously safe area.

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Good idea. I would suggest it work this way: You hit the logout button and while staying in the game have to wait 30 seconds on-screen timer without moving your char and without interacting with your inventory. If you move or do something with your items, timer resets. Then, after 30 seconds passed, some kind of confimation window appears - "Are you sure you want to log off?" or something. Hit Yes and you're out. Also it would be good if timer do not reset if you just moved your head (with Alt pressed). And still there's got to be automatic logging off, so if you didn't press Yes on confirmation screen it logs off automatically after, lets say, another 30 seconds passed.

Voted up, this is a great idea.
Several games in the past have had this option, where you had to wait out a countdown of inactivity to be able to log out. I think it would be even better to have some sort of combat timer as well, where if you were recently in any type of melee combat with a zombie, or if any weapon discharged a round in let's say a vicinity of 400 meters, you would have to wait for a minute or two instead of 30 seconds.

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Thanks for your feedback anon. If you like the suggestion, plz vote up then, so we get a chance this is becoming a vote and get into the game in the future.

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I confirm that the current logout system is not a good system when there are thousands of zombies later.

I think also it's a good idea to have "the control" of your character while logging out.

Means: YOU CAN SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITHIN THE 30 SECONDS LOGOUT TIME would be a good idea for 0.35.

I think it's a better idea to FIX the biggest bugs before adding new features.

MewKew added a comment.Feb 9 2014, 5:29 PM

@keep them buissy with talking and then get the hell out of there:
-Thats just a rough idea. Dont to do any action could also include, that you're unable to talk, chat or use what ever kind of communication.

@im running to the next cover and wait there, weapons raised and if someone follows me i just shoot him:
-Make the logout button only available if theres nothing in your hands.

@Logging out should be a carefully thought about process. Pick somewhere good to log out where you won't get killed within half a minute.

-I already told you above, that i was really carefully when i chose my logout location. Im playing daisy since the very beginning now, im really not that unexperienced.

I edited the start post thanks to your feedback.

If my char was just resettet, i would've started at the coast. But when i logged in, the "you are dead" message appeared. Some of my friends, had the same issue and were quite sure of it was a zombie, since you already got hiked up by some of them in the current game version. And now, its just a few hundreds of them.

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The problem with the 'wait to log out' method is that there is no risk in attempting to log out.

Getting shot at? Hide in a building and sit in the menu for 30 seconds. If the attacker comes in after you, you can just shoot him.

Getting held up for gear? Keep your captors talking for 30 seconds while in the menu and disappear into thin air as soon as the exit button appears.

Logging out should be a carefully thought about process. Pick somewhere good to log out where you won't get killed within half a minute.

Most likely you weren't actually killed because of the log out, but the server just reset you for one reason or another. The main issue on character save loss is here: #78

Yesterday I logged in and was Unconscious. There is no way I was killed by a zombie as I was very well away where any of them are, and no players either. Also, it showed that I was thirsty and starving. Not sure if this is the same thing as OP as I don't necessarily log in dead, but it happened to me 3 times yesterday and happened to one of my friends and a couple new spawns I talked to. It seems like if you get stuck at "please wait," then your character is being deleted or killed... If I hit escape on the "please wait" screen, it shows a freeze frame of me being in first person and under water...

A second confirmation step via "You really want to leave?" button sounds logical to me. The thing with another 30 seconds not. The logout process should be a crucial part of the game, as it is right now, so you shouldnt allowed to let your guard down untill the logout is done!

Thanks for your Feedback! Plz keep it up and send me your suggestions/critics to imrpove the idea!

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your solution is a joke. every combat logger will be able to exploit this. if they are under fire they will move a little bit, around a corner or w/e and start the countdown. the way it is is much better. too bad you died, but seriously, stop whining.


Your feedback is a joke ^^ Read the suggestion carefully. You wont be able to start logout process, as long theres something in your hands. Every time you cancel the logout, you have to wait longer at every following logout try. Im no combatlogger and im not whining, i just try to participate in the game dev. process. The current method works so far, but its not the best either.

Srsly try to read carefully and try to think and to participate a bit.

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I like the Idea but I think you should be able to have things in your hands due to I like having a second gun and I know others do to. overall I think this is a good idea and I would like to see this happen.

@Clark thanks for your feedback. But again, the logout process should stay a crucial game part, that have to be well thought. If you could just sit down with a gun in your hands, every ex-combat logger would exploit the opportunity to saftey get away while still be able to shoot every follower.

I really need your feedback here as well guys, plz dont just vote down, but post the reason for it here, so we can improve the idea or come to a point where the suggestion becomes meaningless for a reason. Just downvoting gets us nowhere further.

Ignore the downvoters. They have no feedback. If they havent experienced the bug, which I luckily havent.. yet.. then they cant possibly have any useful feedback.
Im sure the devs can look past a few votes down, as this isnt a feature request but an actual problem with the game.

I am also tired of being killed before i am fully loaded into the game or after i have hit the log out this needs to be resolved with an affirmation of the log process.

Thank you again for your backup guys!

2 more downvotes for no reason?! Guys srsly, i dont begging to vote up, if you dont like it, then just vote down and let us know here where you see the problem.

This 30 second thing came out from some retarded community member and devs decided to do so... Thats weird. From all those ideas, they picked handicapped one. Why you become a dev if you cant develope any idea to "how to stop combat logging" ? Have you guys ever heard "Entering combat state"? or something like that? Its called game mechanism. You can actually "start developing" from here.
When i hit exit , i should exit. Nothing else. If you actually want to FIX something, dont came out with another broken idea. Like you did in "keep runing whatever you do" thing.
There was a bug, you cant run to switch weapons, you have to stop for it. Then they decided to do - "keep runing, even if you are dying , player shouldnt stop you" -button.
So in this case, players were crying ALOT about combat logging. Then they came up with that broken idea. Meanwhile they work on cowboy hats and sacks. Yea they really did good job there too. Completely ruining the game itself is better idea than working on game.
They still dont have a clue bout most of issiues, and no sign of they actually working on "fatal" bugs.
"Oh look new hats" they say...

Point is; dont try to came up with "actually good and working" idea to them. Forums are filled with it. But they jus ignoring them. And bunch of asslickers will start to flame on you if you do.

Ok, it looks those guys who voted down, are somehow just unable to explain the reasons to do so, very sad. The first comment was also written by someone who voted down, but his feedback, means some words for explaination, actually helped me to make the idea better. If you can register or signin here, i guess you can wrote then also.

R834 added a comment.Feb 22 2014, 10:54 PM

I haven't voted either way

There is a simple solution, simpler than anything above. Two logout options, "safe logout" and regular logout. The latter is the current logout system, your body stays in-game for 30 seconds. The "safe logout" one though allows you to just look around, but not move or do anything, for 30 seconds until you disappear. If you detect danger, you can cancel it (by pressing ESC or a given command) and regain control of your character. If not, you will disappear in 30 seconds after you started it. EVE Online implemented such solution, and it works.

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If you are standing in a bush and you log out the next server may spawn you in the air over the bush if you log in again. Then you die because of fall damage.

This happened to a mate of mine (we were able to loot his body, pants was ruined) and it happened to me at least twice.

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i like @unorthodox idea. original idea is ok too. both better than current way.