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Dead - Rooftop Tower Firehouse - NWAF
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everytime u are lay down on the top of the firehouse building at NWAF u die after 2-3 minutes if u look arround with camera (3pp on)

i tryed it with 3 chars on 3 diffrent servers... everytime im dead after get prone on top of the tower.

  • Servers where empty.
  • i had no desync.
  • i was not moving just look arround with free cam.
  • i testet it with 2 diffrent pcs and internet connections. {F30041} {F30042} {F30043}


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Climbing up to the roof go to prone position dont move just look arround with camera - after 2 min u are dead

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last night my comrade and me die again on that firehousetower....

we just layed there fixed our bodys with double alt.

this dead is so damnit random...

plz have again a look accolyte :(

ohh only my clanmates was on the server so noone killed us.

looks like this firehouses are hauntet...

we where both teleportet over the edge and fall to death, our clanmates found our bodys in front of that building...

we had no desync or lag. we campt there waiting for our friend. talked about working etc... and Bäm first i was dead, 15 minutes later my comrade too... he wasnt moving or anything.

we are 200% sure theres a bug!

Hey quantum,

are you playing on the experimental version of the game? Can you please try recording a video of the issue? We are unfortunately unable to simulate it.

skymuss added a subscriber: skymuss.May 8 2016, 4:52 PM

I had a similar bug, today. my friend stood at the second floor
in the edge of a construction site near berezino. the server
restarted. after a relogin and 1 minute later he was dead.
look at the screenshots.

@ accolyte can you please tell me if fall damage has been disabled for this build or is it a bug, as i have bugged the issue but i did see a reporter on another issue state that its disabled, if its true I can close the bug so its one less to sieve through :)

this is the issue I put up #0008055

and quantum2k deffo not anything to do with your pc mines a old hunk of junk but has a goodish graphics card in so would of looked much worse on mine if it was anything to do with systems or graphic cards :)

Yes please, submit another.¨


@ Accolyte, right i cant reproduce the dead again with the new stable version. looks like its fixed.


tower jiggeling:

ok then its not my system or new grapic card, maybe a dev should look on it.

on my sys its jiggels very fast. should i open a new ticket?

Hi quantum2k6, I had a look at the jiggling and i did notice it slightly moving up and down but could only see it happening with field of view set to minimum. :)

After further testing we were still unable to reproduce the problem. I will leave this open in case anyone happens to encounter the issue again, but it seems that it's not happening any more.

no sorry can't say I noticed the jiggling happening but will have a look next time I spawn in, but my field of view was set quite high so will adjust it and see if I can reproduce :) will get back to you if I can see it :)

u notice the jiggeling too? confirmed?

bug it up then mate :) didn't notice it happening with FOV set between half and three quarter

with the new stable version i cant repoduce this dead. (tryed it now 40 minutes on the top of the tower) - PROBLEM FIXED in 114926

But i found a new bug, looks like u changed someting, the whole firehouse on NWAF is jiggeling up and down if u look with min. FOV on top of the tower.

it goes 2-3 cm up and down (very fast), it takes a while untill it starts look carefully. its not the breathing its a real micro eartquake the tower jiggels up and down

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 4:52 PM

the same thing happened to me in police station i was prone in the second floor and eat while im eat i hear sound Ahhhhh and my leg broken and my friend fix with morphine

nope sir i was alone on server, i checked it double all the 3 times with "P"

DrGonzo added a subscriber: DrGonzo.May 8 2016, 4:52 PM

Seems like you may be getting shot.

sounds a mad one, ive been proned on top of the fire station roofs before but never double tapped alt before, have laid there before looking around using number keypad or turning mouse but never died.

With you being dead on the ground in front of the building sounds like it could be an issue with the locking off the character by pressing ALT to cause you to fall off the building whilst you see it as staying still on your screen, something like that, maybe get a friend to watch you doing this and record if they can then upload it on here, your POV and another players POV would help the dev with this issue

Hope this helps at all

  • lay down on the rooftop complete prone
  • press ALT 2 times to lock the body on the floor
  • look arround with 3p camera zoom in with right mouse

i died 3 times

  • after the last dead my mate found my dead body on the ground in front of the building. but i locked my char everytime with double alt so i wasnt moving.
  1. dead

ballistic helmet
tac vest camo
hunting bag - empty

2 + 3 dead was as a freshspawn, i headed and run directly to nwa to repoduce the bug 2 times...

hi accolyte,

i died now 7 times from it, somtimes its after 5 minutes and sometimes its after 1 hour of laying there. i spendet up to 12 hours to find a trigger for that dead bug i dunno whats to do now.

im playing atm the latest stable version. just lay down on top and look arround with camera zoom in and out. i thought its the metal construction (antenna) on the top that forrces the dead but sometimes its too if i lay unter the big siren.

i do nothhing special there, happens with freshspawns and full geared players also. maybe its when other players get in your area or something... im really clueless.

sry :) im a bit pissed on that bug atm because i have to run everytime an hour to get back on that roof after spawning on coast...

For me in the issue I linked too I was crouching. The first time I had a weapons cleaning kit in hand, the second time I only had a hammer. Both times this happened while in crouch and being stationary.

Ill try and record a video of this happening

Hey there,

can you please tell me what exactly you were doing on top of the building (standing, prone, moving/not moving) and what items you had in your hands at the time?

I was not able to reproduce the problem.

Not sure if this is the same building but I'm experiencing the same glitch outside Elektro as well as other locations with the same building model.

Wendigo added a subscriber: Wendigo.May 8 2016, 4:52 PM

version 35.115188 and previous

Hello, i can confirm several deaths on top of Firestation buildings while PRONE, double tap ALT, weapon raised SPACE, zooming around right CLICK.
The bug occurs when standing in the corner between the left mini-wall with ladder and the antenna (with 3 iron legs).
 When your character is very close to a object (wall, rock, car, etc) it will slightly move the character outside of his hitbox when issuing a command (draw weapon, raise weapon, drink, crouch etc).
 In this case if your character moves IN the antenna, it will eventually push you in the opposite direction without any command from the character and go through the wall, falling outside the tower without animation resulting in instant death.
 The corpse is always outside the firestation tower, no bleeding, no gunshot, no bullet ricochet,no ruined helmet, healthy, pristine ballistic helmet and tactical vest so the possibility of headshot from +600m its out of the question. Double checked.
 Its replicable by standing in the corner, between antenna and mini-wall but it seems to reproduce random when not moving at all.

good explanation decembrie, i confirme your experiences 100%.

it happend to me too if u are in center or under the sirene. i agree its not alone the tripod antenna.

Gilarts added a subscriber: Gilarts.May 8 2016, 4:52 PM

Happend to me to.. And no you're not being shot at. Was alone @ the clan sewrver. Climbed up a ladder and suddenly (without getting hit, falling down taking dmg etc etc tec) a black scrfeen appeared with you are dead.

here it is... the legendary rooftop dead... on current stable version.

its the same as Decembrie reportet(0045784) this little antenne killed me...

my friend found my body under the ladder seconds after i was dead.

no item was damaged just my pants was ruined.

ping was 27ms no desync.

are u still on this bug accolyte?

Hi quantum,

don't worry I'm still here. I just like to watch silently from afar :)

We are currently investigating a couple of possible causes. Thanks for the video!

Please do not hesitate to post more information if you get any!


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Sadly I dont have a video, but something similar happened to me last night. I climbed the ladder on the outside of the fire station, from the ground floor up. As I was nearly at the top, I was looking around on the roof ( still standing on the ladder ), my character moaned, and I was dead. It was just me and a friend online on that server, so I wasnt shot. My friend looted my body, all items were still in good condition, except for my pants, which were ruined ( from fall damage I assume ). My body was laying on the ground under the ladder

Just hopping in to say I am still experiencing this bug. Both stable and experimental. I have died on upper levels of Firestation, ATC Tower, Parking garage, and other places... No noises, sometimes i'll see the "Leg in extreme pain" and I'll survive, other times just straight "You are dead."

EDIT: Still occurring both on Experimental and Stable branches. Happens 2-3 times a day. Upper levels of building everywhere, stairs, 1 case right outside of grocery store. Legs break, "you are dead.". Hope to see a fix soon as this makes the game unplayable for me.

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Hi, there are a few month between... but the same problem is existing. I died now twice, on the firestation...everytime with frinds who confirmed me, that there was no sniper! I recorded also a video... i died after i was laying down, i died in a few minutes. Are you still working on the problem? I hope so.

World boss struck me down today in the fire station in eletro

I was inside the tower lotting gear, standing upright... I then died
(.50 29/10 expi)