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May 10 2016

Decembrie added a comment to T94469: Dead - Rooftop Tower Firehouse - NWAF.

version 35.115188 and previous

Hello, i can confirm several deaths on top of Firestation buildings while PRONE, double tap ALT, weapon raised SPACE, zooming around right CLICK.
The bug occurs when standing in the corner between the left mini-wall with ladder and the antenna (with 3 iron legs).
 When your character is very close to a object (wall, rock, car, etc) it will slightly move the character outside of his hitbox when issuing a command (draw weapon, raise weapon, drink, crouch etc).
 In this case if your character moves IN the antenna, it will eventually push you in the opposite direction without any command from the character and go through the wall, falling outside the tower without animation resulting in instant death.
 The corpse is always outside the firestation tower, no bleeding, no gunshot, no bullet ricochet,no ruined helmet, healthy, pristine ballistic helmet and tactical vest so the possibility of headshot from +600m its out of the question. Double checked.
 Its replicable by standing in the corner, between antenna and mini-wall but it seems to reproduce random when not moving at all.
May 10 2016, 7:54 PM · DayZ