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Overpowered Zombies -Survivor detection too sensitive, bleed caused too easily, zombies clip/attack through walls
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It is impossible to remain undetected by a zombie, regardless of your stance (prone or crouched) or whether you are walking. Line of sight doesn't matter, since the zombies can see through walls. They can attack through walls, and floors/ceilings in multi-story buildings. They almost always cause the Bleed status ailment upon their first hit. They are very difficult to evade (compared to the DayZ mod for Arma II). This occurred across multiple servers.


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Approach a zombie from very far away while prone or crouching, in walk mode rather than running - it will spot you and attack. Allow zombie to hit you once, and chances are you're now bleeding. Try to run away, it will be near impossible to lose the zombie.

Additional Information

It is difficult to escape zombies in the standalone game, compared to the DayZ mod for Arma II. When attempting to utilize terrain, hills slow you down while the zombie still moves full speed. Using barriers such as fences will slow the zombie down 50% of the time, while the rest of the time they are able to clip through it. Not enough bandages spawn for the amount of bleeding involved. With zombies this tough, it is difficult to try other parts of the game and report bugs as we come across them.

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This is a known issue. Any more voters?

I'm sure its very easy with an ax, if you can find one. I haven't found much loot myself, though I've been in dozens of houses. I still think the zombie AI detects survivors much too easily here when you compare it to the DayZ mod.


i took my firefighter axe to kill all zombies of zelenogorsk, and didnt even start bleeding at all. here are some examples i uploaded.

easy killing from behind:

some kamikazefight vs 4 zombies on the mainroad (as you see, i didnt start bleeding even as they hit me):

and the last vid shows how easy 1vs1 is:

watch on 1040p, quality is not very good, didnt want to wait for uploading too long.
also, my fps are really low in the city while recording..

avkronnie added a subscriber: Delix.May 8 2016, 4:46 PM

@Delix as well I can confirm this, not being hit by zombie, you kill it but start bleeding!!

Delix added a comment.Jan 31 2014, 3:47 PM

Sometimes when i attack a zombie and kill it, i randomly start to bleed (Yet if the zombie did not hit me). I don't know if this is a commom bug. It doesn't happen everytime, but just sometimes.

@huidube. Correct, approaching zeds from.behind and striking them is so easy....

@omni1138. Getting hit through floors and walls, try to lure some zeds into a place they cannot climb but can get underneath you, you will start bleeding....

if you didnt even find an axe, you should really gain some experience with this game before you write something into issue reports. sounds like you just played 1 hour, got killed 2-3 times and now complain about difficulty. its really easy to find an axe (maybe 10 to 40 mins (if server is full) searching)

you also can avoid them, but they are so easy to kill, there is no need.

why should they 'fix' immediate bleeding? its just realistic - if you take a hit, you gonna bleed or else get hurt.

survivor detection.. you can go to a zombie as loudly as you want and just kill it with 1 axe strike, if it turns its back to you. They dont react. This should get fixed.

lefiath added a subscriber: lefiath.May 8 2016, 4:46 PM

This really shouldn't even be here, as zombies are WIP and besides, I don't mind them being an actually threat right now, why do you complain against that I don't understand. They're not that difficult to fight or avoid, you wanna go back to PVP only DayZ?

QlerSJ added a subscriber: QlerSJ.May 8 2016, 4:46 PM

I think if there would be more Zombies then players (WE!) could cooperate more and we'll have less Bandits killing just good survivors for fun. Zombies should be easy to kill but more of them would be good :)

In my opinion the zeds, should be a real threat for the surviors.
They should be spawn in huge groups, hard to kill and if the surviors get a gun, the ammunition should be a really rare loot.

So the main way to kill the zeds should be going in to close combat and so the survivors has to think twice before they attack the zeds.

At the moment there are many bugs related to the zeds, f.e. pathfinding, survivor detection, collision query, no zed respawn, etc. but i'll guess the devs will correct this in the near future.

If I start throwing punches to normal zombie it goes down after 5 hits in the face, military ones take a lot more.

Firefighter axe takes them down in one hit, so easy.

But I think that zombies should not walk through a wall, hurt you through a floor or wall, should not glitch half inside the ground when house is closed, because when the house is at a higher level, and you close the door, the zombie walks through the wall in ground level making only top part visible...

But getting hit through floor or ceiling is also something that's need to be fixed....

Fine that they see new, smell me or hear me, but they need to act realistic, so no wall walking and fences, no hits through solid material....

@huidube how many hits does it take for you to take down a Zombie with a wrench? Today I must have hit one zombie 30 times, mostly in the head, some body shots. I can understand it taking longer than an axe, but maybe 5 hits to the dome should have done it right?

and another thing. if you aim on a zombie, it will get attracted. even if you are prone and on 800 meter distance. but i will make another issue for that.

@Bourg and @hiedube thanks for this information. Can we address the zombies' ability to see you from really far away even while you're prone?

and about the difficult to evade.. wtf, you can just run around them, and they wont be able to hit you.

cant confirm that.. if you have a firefighter axe, you can kill 10 zombies in 10 seconds without even getting damaged.
yesterday i just killed 7 zombies in one row, all of them attacking at the same time. they didnt even made one hit on me.
wait until they are 5 meters in front of you, move towards them, hit before they do, move back, done.

far too easy.

immediate bleeding is just realistic. you should also get sick, if they hit you while you are bleeding.

but the baseball bat makes not enough damage, same for the crowbar. there you need too many hits for a kill.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 4:46 PM

@omni - Any shirt and most other tops can be torn into rags, and at the moment you can use even ruined rags to bandage yourself, also, *KEY NOTE* find a helmet, i notice a severe difference with head protection as opposed to without, i dicovered this while trying the beret's, i put it on and bled about 90% of the time, found a new ballistic helm, now maybe 15%... only tested it the once but im sure alot have noticed

R834 added a comment.Jan 29 2014, 8:21 PM

Unless you're lagging a ridiculous amount, a fire axe will kill zombies in one hit. A splitting axe in two hits.

The 45 degrees thing is a problem with have the axed raised. Make sure it's in the lowered position and it should hit straight.

Z's are hard too kill, I find to kill them (silently) with an axe you have to have them 45 degrees from yourself, not right in front. I had one the other day that was standing at tent entrance and must have hit them 20 times before they went down, enough time to get my phone out and set to video and record me hitting them another 10 times before they went down...
And they can hurt you while still a distance away from you with their lunges..

@OlerSJ thanks for the support! I don't want to sound like a pansy but dang those zombies won't let me do anything.

@skymuss thank you for your support as well.

@Bourg I appreciate what you said about the realism and I agree that having this game as real as possible is what keeps us coming back. I run like a crazy person the moment I hear one of those things, but the bugs make it more difficult to escape. I wouldn't mind the bleeding so much if I could actually find a bandage in the game. Thanks for not voting down!

@TomJefferson True, we can take quite a beating from these zombies. I just don't like the fact that bleed happens no matter what upon contact, especially with the lack of bandages (at least in my experience). Thank you for not voting down.

I actually think they are still underpowered in that they don't do enough damage.

I beleive since they cant move, them having great senses and being able to detect you while your running around inside a building like most of the players can, allows them to have a chance to hurt you. but since they run at your screaming the second you make a noise, they pretty much take away their only adavantage of surprise. If you find yourself unarmed and a zombie has caught your scent, RUN, just like any sane normal person would do in a real situation with zombie ghosts that walk thru walls. And last but not least, if you get hit and start bleeding, and then you bandage yourself up, you feel better pretty quick, compared to any other movie, game or tv show, if a zombie touches you, you're bleeding, and if you're bleeding, you're already dead. IN CONCLUSION the zombies in this game are too few and weak, but considering the ability to walk thru walls this should not be changed until that is fixed

It's an issue known to anyone who played Standalone and it's very frustrating because you don't have a chance to avoid them exept running away from zombies and probably loot in houses where they're up to enter without knocking... They can see through walls and from very large distance and if you don't have at least standard hatchet - it's difficult to beat them... Vote UP!

@BloodyWiesel very true. One of the things I liked about the DayZ mod was you could actually choose whether to engage the zombies or avoid them. Giving you the opportunity to think twice as you say. In the standalone, you have no choice. If there's a zombie in the area, you will have engagement whether you want to or not. Even if they don't fix the immediate attack bleed or wall clipping, it would be nice if they eased up on the survivor detection.

@avkronnie as much as I would love to have an axe, I haven't been able to find one. Maybe loot drop increases or item respawn rate should be addressed as well. I didn't even notice their ability to hit you through the floor/ceiling, though I have been able to close a door downstairs through the floor while being upstairs.

erfon1 added a subscriber: erfon1.May 8 2016, 4:46 PM

Not an issue for me, in fact I think that the zombies are to weak in melee combat I mean one hit kill with the firefigther axe even if it didn't hit the head, way to easy and it should be changed, because once you have the fire axe zombies stop being a threat and that sucks in a zombie game

You all should know that there will be a lot more zombies in the future and hitting them to kill with firefighter axe more then once will be frustrating, I think. Not to mention that their "rentgen vision" throught walls will be even more frustrating.

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