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Mosin 91/30 Not using correct Ammunition
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Sorry, this isn't really a bug, so much as just an error i noticed. The Mosin Nagant in real life is not capable of being chambered to use 7.62 x 51mm rounds (which is what the newest update made the ammo you have to load into the mosin.)
The ammo that a Mosin uses in real life is 7.62x54R. I know it's a very minor detail, but it's one i noticed nonetheless


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This report is related (possibly the same as):
0007500: Box of 7.62x51 Ammunition Contains 7.62x54 R Ammunition

In The related thread the guy says he received 54r from the box. However, in my case, the box have me 7.62x51 and I am able to still load it in the mosin

Maybe not a real bug, but while DayZ is a survival simulation, i think it must stick as close as possible to reality. This is why i upvote this :)

I can confirm that the Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle uses the wrong ammo type in game.

The type of ammo set up for the Mosin to use in the game is 7.62x51. This is completely incorrect. The civilian designation for that ammo type would be .308 most commonly used in AR-10 rifles, M240B LMG's and a handful of other weapons.

The CORRECT type of ammo for a Mosin Nagant 91/30 would be 7.62x54R.
It is a slightly larger round, and R stands for rimfire.

If this game is to focus on realism, then this change is one that must be made.

If you are wondering how I know this; I own a Mosin Nagant 91/30 in real life. 7.62x54R is the type of ammo it uses, Only the Finnish, Polish, German, and Austrian captured Mosin variants use separate ammunition types, none of which is the type currently used in game. This fact should not matter anyways as the type of weapon used in game is the Soviet variant.

In correction to iInsanityx09: If you have a 91/30, then you should know that it is not rimfire. It is centerfire, as the primer is in the center of the cartridge head. R stands for Rimmed.
.22s/l/lr, .22wmr, .17hm2, and .17hmr are rimfire, the primer is located in the rim, and said rim is crushed to fire.


Retrospectively, I don't know why I said "rimfire," I know that is incorrect yet i still said that. It means Rimmed and not Rimfire. Sigh, typos. Either way, the mosin in-game still uses the wrong ammo.

I think its a naming error - the Mosin is firing those rounds and they clearly look like 7.62x54mmR (as they are rimmed). So the only thing wrong is the name. Solution: Rename to 7.62x54mmR and everything is allright.

Hopefully they'll pay attention to this and fix it soon, it's been there a while and it's only the text that needs to be changed. It's not a big deal, but it bothers me when I see it still

I'm positive that the Devs are aware of the wrong caliber. The Blaze 95 (Blaser B95) takes 7.62x51/.308 Win IRL.

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It bothers me as well. Just like there are many versions of Gorka military cloths yet no military base at Gorka. Where are are of these soldiers living in this town?

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Yup, this is indeed intended for now in order to minimise the number of ammo types. There might eventually be tweaks to this, but I cannot promise anything - I also believe that this is not really detrimental to gameplay - in fact, it is beneficial.