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Easy character duplication trick
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I can easily duplicate my caterer with all my gear , as time i want and take all the stuff from my copies :D {F29800}


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log into a high latency server , when you see the "ready" text on the bottom of screen press escape. When you log back in the same server you have a copy of yourself

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This issue has already been fixed.

Thank you for the report, guys!

i confirm this bug. Is most important to repair in the next patch. Everyone know it and use all the time.

We all know that, grats for your findout lol. But i suggest remove that post. Since devs know that bug too, its not needed.

leshoop added a subscriber: leshoop.May 8 2016, 4:33 PM

Edit your feedback post and change "View Status" from public to private. Only authorized people will be able to see you report then.

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its a dupe anyway

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Nice find man but might be better if you took it down and repost it privately so you dont basically teach people how to =D