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Character Resets after logout
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Hello, after several hours of playing i got one main problem. today it happended the second time. i played like everytime and i logoff normaly. after i loged in the day after i was completly resetted and have to start with a new character. thats a little bitt annoying becouse i cant test other parts of the game with a new character. is there a way to get the character back to its state from the day before?

further i also found several glitches in the hightowers, i glitched thought the stairs and was unter a building with no way out.
also the inventory didnt accept some replaycments of stuff. i throw away a soda and took a bandage instead. after 5 minutes walking arround the soda was back in my inventory and the bandage was away...

if you need futher informations just let me know. i really want to help to improve this game, but with the risk of losing your character and start all over again it makes no sense becouse i cant test and help with a resettet character...


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This is also an issue for me.

Twice in 15 hours of game time my guy has reset.

This is a duplicate report. Due to a large number of reports on the same topic, we will be merging these into one place.

Refer to 0000078: Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT] for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.

Hi guys,

we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

Please keep in mind that these resets can also happen when switching to different hives. Standard and hardcore servers each run on a different hive. There are also different hives for the normal and experimental versions of the game.

fluxley added a subscriber: fluxley.May 8 2016, 3:36 PM

Happens to me and 3 other friends, everytime i relog but only on the experimental servers DE 0-1, DE 0-2, DE 0-3.

No issue at all on the main public hive.

Heres the requested files!cVRWhAbb!GzmCDHRfnq8uiRMz9wAn3nN2QuEYXTO_a3z3BrTQiVo

relogged multiple times on DE 0-1, New character every time. game version 114008

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Could somebody with same issue delete a DayZ folder from: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\ and after your character is deleted again, send us dxdiag and files from: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\"?

Can you pack the files in winrar and upload it somewhere?

Thank you.

This happened to me and 4 of my friends AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. 2 of my friends avoided it. Here is what happened to us and what happened where it was avoided:

Character loss: 6 of us were all playing together, running down a road. The server was scheduled to restart. We played until the restart and were booted from the server. We waited about 20 seconds and refreshed and then joined the server once it came up. It seemed to just hang there saying "Please wait" for me and 4 others who joined off me. We were all wiped.

Avoided loss: 2 of my friends logged into another different server at exactly the same time we did. Quite simply, they were spared. The issue seems that it may either involve or become exacerbated by logging into a server that just booted up.

I had hit today twices. 4 times at all since release.

  1. I joined a server but at joining i had a red chain and wait for host so i left and all was gone.
  2. i left a server at the moment the server restarted befor the 90 seconds were up. Also all gone.

Maybe this helps to reconstruct the issues in order to fix em.

Good luck

fr3nchy added a subscriber: fr3nchy.May 8 2016, 3:36 PM

juts happened to me now.. 3rd time in total.
relogged into a server after the normal server reboot to find myself on the beach AAAaarrrhggg

WhamBam added a subscriber: WhamBam.May 8 2016, 3:36 PM

This has been happening on and off the past few days for me. I was always able to see my character return after a few tries. But now I log out and lose my loot permanently. Which sucks cause i just looted a fully loaded M4 off someone.

Mashuu added a subscriber: Mashuu.May 8 2016, 3:36 PM

Had this happened to me and my brother. We were walking east towards Cherno. We suddenly lose connection. So we log into another server, and both our fully kitte characters (he had a M4, lots of ammo, food,) I had a fully upgraded Mosin, meds, food, ammo. All gone. Hours down the drain. I would of rather been KOS'd

This has happened to me as well the past three nights.

Same shit here, was playing with a friend and we logged into a random server, i lost all my stuff and my character while he did not upon logging in, he said my body wasn't there either so i couldn't even run to go get my stuff. My guy was just deleted it seems.

Happened to me once, lost full mountain bag with gun ammo meds food clothes pristine... really frustrating. Now my actual has full bag with m4 fully equipped and 8 stanags. it would be frustrating to lose this again. I try to play on servers with lowest latency/players by refreshing the list and refreshing individual servers by clicking once on it and wait, the ping moves. once it reached 30 and below i join. My cousin just lost his character today and he wants to stop playing which is disapointing, hes my only pal in this game. please fix this asap. it removes all the fun and the feeling of progression.

Happened to me about an hour ago, like if I began a new game

Blondin added a subscriber: Blondin.May 8 2016, 3:36 PM

This has happend to me about 6 times since i bought the game (latest yesterday, 15th of jan). I get geard up, find a weapon, some ammo for it, food and water and feel im ready for some real pvp action and all that "the strongest survive" and when i log out either for the day or just simply to change server i lose everything when i get back in again, really frustrating since so far the only "pvp action" ive had so far has been a fist fight with some dude who had a baseball bat or getting shot or axed in my back as i log in.

I lost my character today when I tried to change servers.

racket added a subscriber: racket.May 8 2016, 3:36 PM

yep. Lost my char today too, after logging in on a lagging server.

This happened to me twice in a few days of gaming. I spent a long time finding the best stuff, and while I was clearing Stary Sobor with a friend, we both got disconnected and reset on the coast without our stuff. Of course I couldn't find the corpses, either because they clipped through the floor of the house or because they simply disappeared. I see no point continuing playing this alpha with this bug. I can accept all kind of errors, zombies getting through walls, stuff disappearing on the floor, corpses slipping down, but not this one.

Please fix it as soon as possible so that I can play again, or find some provisional way to save our stuff and spawn more easily on the map.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 3:36 PM

Yes, your character still re-sets.

Something like this is happening if you change your name on Steam, your character resets. Didnt try it by myself, but friend told me.


if i understand, this is not problem with game crash just with reset of your character? It's still happens in latest Development build?

It's alpha and yes, sometimes our databases are deleted and characters are restarted. But it shouldn't happens a regularly.

Thank you for your feedback.