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Bullets impacting 'invisible wall' while shooting
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When shooting with an M4A1 with M68 Comp2 Optics I kept getting a glitch where more often than not during a firefight It would seem like I was trying to shoot through a wall and chunks of concrete or drywall would be flying out of the air and my rounds for those shots would not impact where I was aiming and instead would be stopped by what I can only describe as some kind of invisible wall or obstruction.

I tried to recreate it again but I was unable to get a screenshot, I didn't want to waste all of my ammo however it happened once of about the 5 times I shot to recreate it. {F29197}


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1 Equip M4a1 with M68 Comp2 Optics
2 Fire rifle

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The sight itself is 'badly damaged' however if this is the cause it is still a glitch because it would not impede the path of the bullet. Included is not a screenshot of the actual glitch but I included a screenshot of my gear just incase it may be a glitch with some item of my gear conflicting with my m4a1.

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I have not found any issue with my rifle when I did have the comp2 when it was badly damaged there was no invisible wall bugging out for me every shot hit where I aimed

same as pople177, i guess it's an invisible wall where you were standing during firing.

i have noticed when you are next to a wall firing you sometimes clip the wall when firing even though on your screen the gun is clearly not clipping the wall

you may be hitting the grass in front of you which is what keeps happening to me. it seems to stop the bullet in it's tracks...

mboushka, i was around grass at the time of this happening so that could definitely be it. I will try to do some more testing to see. If grass is the problem that definitely is kinda big as it could be exploited.

Please see following clip of this happening, as you can clearly see from first and 3rd person, the barrel of my gun is above the rocks, yet I appear to be hitting something at close range...

@Mycaelis yeaaa, that's the rocks and their weird hitboxes, I would guess. The rocks have always been problematic, at least they don't break your legs and kill you anymore.

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Experienced that you cannot shoot through the windows with the damaged glass of the most eastern house at North East Airfield. Tested on 2 Pc´s with a mosin.

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Hello, I would just like to post a link to a video I recorded of this happening to me:

I've also found another example:

I'd say this was a fairly severe bug that should be looked at.

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This happens all the time to me. I can be two feet from a tree, but hit the tree. I can be firing well over a wall or window, and hit the window. Grass, bushes, rocks, trees, any kind of obstacle.

It makes firing from cover pretty much useless. You have to actually walk out into the open if you don't want your shots to be occluded by the environment.

it is not an invisible wall lol it's the ground and it will take a long time for them to fix it as it is a bug comming from arma 2 engine and the mod .Now i didn't know that it happens even so high above the ground. Seems the problem is huge at the elektro sniper hill
It have been stated here ,at the bug i had reported here

also please change your description as it is not related with any particural scope. It happened also to me with iron sight and long scope

This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to 0006320: firing up hill or down hill bullet hits infront with iron sights even aimed way above the ground for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.