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[Website] Unable to comment on resolved issues, even if they are not actually resolved
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I'd like to be able to comment on resolved issues in case they did not actually get completely resolved.


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0000048 and 0002049 are not resolved at the moment, you can't add additional screenshots or comment on them anymore though. You have to reopen another issue, which will probably not get any attention/votes.

Also 1845.

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Also issue 0001845 is marked as resolved but appears to be not fixed. Bug in that issue happens every time I play.

I am not 100% sure, but maybe "resolved" means, that the devs fixed the issue in a internal build, so we have to wait until we (the normal customers) receive the next public update, where the fix actually is included.

Simple logic:
You report an issue in game version XYZ, a few days later the issue tracker changes to "resolved", but you have not received any update, means you still play the same version you reported the bug for.
Unless some magic happens, there is no way the bug can be fixed without any form of a update.

But just for the case that I'm wrong, then I will totally agree with you.


I just checked (to be sure) that we are running DayZ client version of 113860 and in Rolling update log ( has a marking as follows: "Config: fixed an issue where unshouldering/shouldering weapon while moving forward caused the player to stop"

So it seems that build has been deployed and is live. However issues 0001845 and 0002049 are still around.

So you definitely got a point here.


The problem with the (un)shouldering bug was partly fixed, but the solution is very bad programming wise IMO. Instead of making running and the switching weapon part independent, they basically added a new "running and switching weapons" animation that starts playing if you hit a button on your hotbar while running. You can't cancel that animation, meaning you can't stop while switching weapons, there's no sound(!) for that animation, meaning you can actually run silently, and it's all in all just a very half-assed solution that doesn't work half of the time for some reason.

Still not fixed.


it is absolutely intended for you to not be able to comment or otherwise update resolved issues. Even if you find a bug that is marked as resolved it is probably different than the earlier report (different location, different reproduction steps, etc).

Please submit a new issue if you believe that a bug needs a second look. Make sure you submit relevant evidence however. Right now there is nothing to indicate that what you say is true.

Thank you!

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