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Unrealistic Loot, takes away from immersion.
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You all know what I'm talking about. I thought this would have been done away with by now. Why are .45 pistols with copius amounts of ammo spawning in a fire station? Why am I finding defibrillators and bolt action rifles in school buildings? 8 backpacks of varying size and type in an unfinished parking deck? The list goes on. It severely subtracts from the "wasteland" feel of things and makes it seem like the game is just trying to appeal to the core group of bean counting loot table calculator type players. Please do something about this.


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It isnt all bad - the supermarkets seem quite good, as well as most of the normal houses. It's just the idea that the "high value loot buildings" from the mod are still around. its very video game-ish.

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I like the loot system, Have to think players are dropping somethings places to pick up other things as well. My only issue is apartments need love badly spawn near no loot along with some of the tents in camps and select houses/farms. Also I know there are only 2 guns in the game at the moment so that increases the chances to find M4/Mosin but it is ridiculously easy to get near "end game" gear.. This increases Deathmatch/KOS and the likeliness of players to not cooperate when being held up etc because they know they can just get new shit within the hour..

Good job guys making fast progress! Just need to fill those apartments to draw players to them and either bring in more weapons to disperse and diversify the military spawns or cut down the spawn rate until we have more options to disperse and diversify it also noticed interiors on a lot of the churches and large factories are still not done similar to arma 3 those are the ones we see from a long way and think O cool must have alot of loot?

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I think there are too many motorcycle helmets around. It looks odd to me.

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This is low priority at best. Not all loot places have even been enabled and new items will be added in as well along with new mechanics (scripted events, global quantity limited items, etc) that all will have an impact on the current loot system. So what we all see now is just a big fat placeholder and nothing that should be tweaked in terms of quantity before the full extent of (incoming) changes is realized/understood.

Hey folks,

loot spawns are still a work in progress and balancing is yet to be done. In future we will look to make loot spawn in "correct" places. It is nowhere near the top priorities at the moment however.

We appreciate your feedback though.

Haven't seen any school buildings and parking decks anywhere around Chernarus. I guess you mean the small office building (I call it job agency) and the construction site that looks like an office building too.

Anyway, backpacks in a construction site seems a bit odd. But as long as there are no vehicle parts and base building materials in the game, I'm fine with that. A 3-floor building full of useless wrenches and hammers wouldn't be that great you know :P

I've also noticed an abundance of motorcycle helmets, sometimes 3 in the same room. But that's just a minor balancing issue, nothing to worry about in the current state of the game development.

I agree with the other comments, loot table balancing is very low priority. If you want more immersion, just pretend that the stuff you find in odd places was dropped by people who got killed and eaten away by zombies ;)

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Your feedback offers nothing constructive. You should instead suggest they place different types of loot into different buildings and give examples.

Your feedback will not be taken seriously if you don't offer suggestions and just list your personal complaints.

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Man this is dayz so finding a sniper rifler in a school it's something normal it's a zombie apocalypse so maybe some soldiers died in that school same thing for the magnum and a lot of people died in all over the map so i think the loot is realistic....

I would like to point out that the current "paint your stuff" idea isn't implemented in a good enough manner.

Because.. although, given this is DayZ, it is sort of acceptable that only some of the items can be "painted", *however* the gray stanag magazines are afaik not "paintable", and so the whole paint your magazines idea doesn't relly work immersion wise. Because.. you know right away that the game doesn't allow you to paint anything, not even virtually, it just swaps one colored item for some other colored but similar item. Hopefully this will not stay the same, with some items not being "paintable" when you would expect them to be, given how the idea is implemented in the first place.

Completely agree with Rusk. This is an Alpha, loot and making loot spawn's "plausible" are a "tweak" at best in my opinion. Right now we need them to worry about major bugs, exploits and getting systems up and running (i.e. cooking, hunting, crafting etc)

In the USA every School has Weapons! BTW: Its an Office-Building...

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That's not a school. That's an office.