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Reproduction of Character as unnamed basic AI entity.
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Basically if you disconnect from a server then reconnect but interrupt the process, then rejoin said server, a duplicate of your character with all its gear is created. This is commonly known as duping, if my description is unclear here is a visual representation:


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It has been reproduced on all my friends accounts too, it is simple and can easily be taught. This has also been replicated over many servers.

To replicate just repeat the process. It can be done an infinite amount of times, depending on the strain the server can withstand.

Additional Information

Doing this too often lags the server, after continual reproduction by a five man group over 30 minutes server performance had noticeably degraded.

Additionally:dupes can be killed, force fed, blood bag and blood bag taken from, restrained and basically everything a living character can have done to.

I hope this helps and the issue is easy to fix.

After some time I have found this bug has also severely reduced many friends desire to play due to an over reliance on this bug. They simply dupe in a random house, run around killing everything they see then when killed return to the dupe spot. Removal of this bug would discourage shooting on sight, and keep people interested in the game. If anyone is interested in using this bug please don't, you will end up very bored very quickly!

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Confirmed! I can do the same thing easily..

Thanks for all the support guys! Still able to do this in the new update! Hopefully this issue will be sorted with the combat logging/server queuing patch Rocket has been talking about!
Getting tired of seeing whole clans with identical gear and those 0.2% drop press vests.
Edit:I agree with hiding this, is there any way I can hide this thread to Devs only myself?

Confirmed on any server. This issue was also reported as #0006410.

I believe they need to have a login timer that cannot be interrupted like many other games (maybe 5-10 seconds) to stop this exploit, and a logout timer to prevent combat logging and reduce server hopping (30 seconds).

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Did this on an empty server and a full server and a half full server. The full server just restarted.

The trick is hitting escape at the right moment. Ready! has to be in side chat.

Also I agree this should be hidden so only devs can see it

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Hey matt,
this bug gets much easier to replicate if you have a very crappy internet connection.

Try to limit your bandwidth to about 30kbyte/s and join a server with a ping over 150.. Press ESC about 1 seconds after "ready" appears

A crappy connection seems to widen the time you have to duplicate

@Matt, I have emailed you with the information, I believe you may be confused as this was not my server but one of my favorite servers, I could tell the drop in performance solely from how long loot took to appear on the floor, went from near instant to taking roughly 20 seconds. On newly reset, and empty servers the sweet spot is almost impossible to find! It has to be a fairly full (20+) or laggy server to work.

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@Matt: isn't this the kind of bug that one would rather keep hidden from other reporters view? I mean this feedback forum is slowly but surely becoming a blackbook for tipps & tricks. if one creates a post marked as "private" will you the admins be the only ones able to see that report?

This server (see 2nd photo) had been up maybe two hours. I tried it a few times on different servers with same result. Just got to find the "sweet spot" where you press escape.

Two of us in the office have just tried to replicate this but we are both unable to. Could you contact me directly at and I can try to replicate it on your server please.

Also could you send me the following information;

How long had the server been up for?

How many players (roughly) had been on the server? (was it full throughout the time or only partly full?)

As Far as I can tell it has been fixed with the server queue system! Could not do it myself and I know no one who can.
Not seeing anyone with identical gear now unless it is easily acquirable stuff.

EDIT: Nope this can still be done but is MUCH more difficult. Will not give details but it is still a bug.

Hello willclark,

is there anything I can do to change your mind about not giving us the details?


Hello Accolyte,

I think willclark not want to give more details because this thread can be read by kids or by people without scruples to the trick of doubling the character, he has asked several times how he could hide this thread so that it can only be seen by developers and thus give you more information securely.

Personally I have not tried again, I felt very dirty to see that it worked at the time and I never want to try again.


you can just mark your messages as private. That will make them viewable only by you and myself (or my colleagues) :)

I will look into this.

It is very possible that the new note I had created above this, with extremely detailed and simple instructions has been disseminated to all emails from the participants in this thread.

I takes me less than a second to click "make private" after creating the note (suggestion=>add button "Add Note Private"), but checking my email I can see responses from other people in this thread that have to be in private mode, but i can see the full note in my inbox==> Hi qsek!!, for example.

Grrrrrrr, can anyone confirm this?, If yes, please close your eyes and do not read your mail with my instructions, you can be attracted to the dark side, be forewarned.

You can make the message private immediately by checking the "private" checkbox underneath the text field where you write your notes.

Can you confirm you can see other private notes in the summaries in your mails? I'll have a chat with our web designers if that's the case.

Anyway thanks for your info guys. We'll check it out.


I got it because of my emailsub... Just to confirm that "private" is NOT completely "private"...

BTW I searched the "private" button at the time I sended my reply. There was no. So both functions function the way they should. But honestly, there has to be a way to report to bugs private. Completely through the whole process.



I cant see the "private" checkbox underneath the text field where i write my notes, maybe a problem with my browser.....

Anyway, now i write a note with silly content like "Aaaa" then click on button (Add Note), click on button (make private note), click on button "Edit" and Paste my secret text......

Thanks Tom123, I was beginning to think that I was crazy....

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I can also see the private messages, for example the detailed description of -Torpedo- in my email subscription of this topic.
There is only the Add Note button when writing a note. You can make it private after you wrote it and it wont show up on this topic, but the email notifications dont work like intended.

Perfect, two bugs hunted.

I killed two birds with one stone..... I want my cookie

New version update, can still do this, harder again, basically with quicker servers and wait times to join the gap is small but can still be found. but I persisted as guys who rely on this bug will and you can still do it.

I will check in the up coming update too, sorry my update took a while simply rushed off my feet in Uni at the moment.

Anyway once again thanks for the help with this issue guys.

gtrgear added a subscriber: gtrgear.May 8 2016, 3:20 PM

We worked...full characters duplicated with everything...
if the clone is ready we can kill him after the server finished with desync...and we can duplicate again...but sometimes the server may freeze...
I think the problem are communicate and time issue between the server and the player pc.

qsek added a comment.Jun 3 2014, 5:48 PM

Is there any update of this bug, any unclear information or anything other you may need to address this issue?
I get the impression that more and more players discover how to do this glitch.
The game is being flooded with military weapons and players do not have to fear the loss of their gear.
Duping is a main cause of gameplay disruption, supports KOS and deviation to FPS behavior.
And easy fix would be to introduce a minimum reconnect timer of 10 seconds.

Its easy to fix. put the time you need to connect to a server (normaly 30 sec on the same server) 5 sec higher than the time the character stays in game after logging out. Thats all.

I suspect corpse duping is still active in 0.51 stable