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LOD algorithm seems to be broken.
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This issue is obvious and I'm pretty sure that you know about that. While considering performance issues and low FPS I think you should rewrite LOD algorithm. While playing in huge city locations like Chernagorsk or Dubky frames drops to ~30FPS on pretty good hardware (i5-4570s, R9 280x, 8GB RAM, SSD) while in wilderness it is ~ 80-120FPS.
I think the main problem is Level of Detail. As every LOD algorithm yours should replace original model with low-poly one when player is far from the model (object or building). DayZ LOD seems to be broken, because I often see that textures are "blinking" which means that there are two 3D models on same place (take a walk in Elektozavodzk and look at windows). This way LOD makes performance even worse. What more sometimes, while character is standing in place, LOD is constantly swaping high-poly and low-poly model or coming closer makes LOD to load low-poly model (really noticeable while walking to the building which has opened doors - low poly model has always closed doors). I think that main reason of low performance is poorly written LOD algorithm. AFAIK this issue is exactly the same one that occured in Arma 2.
To prove that this algorithm is broken I lowered scene complexity setting in config file. No performance gain, just worse quality (more flickering).

-------Suggestion part--------
While looking at objects really far (like standing at Balota Aiport and looking at skyscrapers) they look really flat. You could use some post process on them to make them look better. (bump mapping with decent texture maybe?)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run the game.
  2. Go to any city.
  3. Look at the buildings.
  4. Notice "flickering" ("Z-Fighting", thanks to @Horatious for recognizing problem) windows and object's models swaping constantly.
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Happens on every hardware, every resolution and even in ArmA 2.

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Been like this since OFP... but it's better in A3 so maybe we can hope.

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Don´t know if this is really the solution for all of the performance issues, but it´s a good idea. Maybe the devs will have a look on this if more people vote this up?

This probably won't be fixed... too much work and they already made all the money they need.

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Thanks for clarifying cause of one problem. Still, objects are being swapped in wrong conditions (sometimes getting closer gives us less detailed object).

"Z-fighting" is the term for the problem you see. It's a massive problem with this game, because they have A LOT of overlapping textures.

"This probably won't be fixed... too much work and they already made all the money they need. " hey man, once they have bought both the client and server architecture to the 64 bit framework, i think we will see a lot of these issues slowly getting ironed out. seriously as slow as development can seem from time to time, these guys are really doing a lot of work under the hood of the engine in the early stages, so when they come to tackle some of these more cosmetic issues, it should be a bit easier to work on (given the memory restriction of 64 bit will no longer cause so many issues like the old 32 bit does right now.

have faith padawan :)

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Maybe the new engine will fix this. :(

Why haven't the devs assigned this? The issue shouldn't be 'new'. This is root cause of the incredibly low FPS when you look into a city. Culled occlusion basically. If you look at the ground or sky, FPS rockets to 120fps+ and GPU usage is 90-99%

I want to mention, that on the roadmap new renderer was scheduled for first quarter. Now it is august and we get hats :/

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This definitely deserves a review from development team. Upvoted.

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Atleast now i know what Sacriel was talking about when he said Dean Hall helped this game to get on its feet before leaving, "Ever since Dean Hall left they have been driving this game into the ground and with their mentality they will get nowhere, i can fire shots at them all day they will not hear them anyway".