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When dropping loot it sometimes disapears forever
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When I want to drop loot to either give it to a friend of open a box(IE med kits or ammo box's) It just disappears forever. I search all around for the item and cannot find it sometimes spending 2-+ looking for it with a buddy. This has happened to me in the woods & roads. It is random, sometimes they drop and I can see them, sometimes they just disappear.

Items lost

  1. 5.56 ammuntion
  2. Full Med kit
  3. 300round ammo box
  4. protector case
  5. M4
  6. various magazines for the m4(meaning size IE 10,30,40,60 round mags)


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Drop an item from inventory to the ground. It disappears.

Sometimes they dont, sometimes they do.

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I'd like to add that, on random occasion, there is a period of lag, 5-15 seconds, before a dropped item appears on the ground... and sometimes it appears almost 10 meters away in a random direction.
It seems to happen most often with nested items, such as a pair of pants with items inside or a medkit.

also want to add that this issue is not just on one server. More testing proved it is not desyn/lag and spans across multiple servers I tried.

When standing near walls or boxes, the items removed your inventory might be clipping into said boxes or walls.

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This is a lag issue, I've had to wait up to a minute before my item appeared on the ground.

Benz1n3, please read before you post things. This is not a lag issue. I waited and searched for 20 minuets looking for a med kit I dropped that I and my friend desperately needed after a fire fight with another group. It had 2 blood transfusion kits in it. We where not inside, so the item did not clip into the wall or crates. Also I was not in desync or lagging. I was playing on a Florida server from Florida, with a 25ping.

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The problem being and that I have spent a time looking into is the loot isnt actually dissapearing. It is there just say you drop it in a building it falls to the earth under the building. So forth for safe measures drop loot outside on dirt.


Look, I have said many times that I have tried this OUTSIDE, I am mostly OUTSIDE, I dont like being in cities and airfields. I only go there to get supplies and then I dip. When I am away from a city I move my inventory around and drop things to give to friends. That is when loot disappears.

Also if it is inside, I totally agree, and know its a known bug that loot clips into walls and crates, as well as falls through to the DIRT floor.

your issue is about loot falling through floors. mine is about loot disappearing conpletely. not falling or clipping through walls or floors.

how can you now for sure if it disappears, when you can't see the object in the wall/floor/etc? try to reproduce that bug on an empty field with no obstacles.

................ Please Read My Post, I AM IN THE FREAKING WOODS AND FIELDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suspect the "disapear forever bug" and "drop through floor bug" are the same. It just gets confused with the "disappear for a while bug" when reported as it would be pretty hard as a player to know the actual error.

Yes: Sometimes it takes a while for a dropped item to appear on the ground. And as this bug also exists it is hard to know when it has dropped under the floor and when you just need to whait a bit.

I suspect the "disapear forever bug" is the same as the "drop through floor bug", the only difference is if there is an accessible floor under the one you dropped it on. If your floor is the wilderness, it is gone(or at least unreacable for you). If the floor is the second floor of a building, you will be able to find it on the floor below if it is accssible.

Very annoying when it happens to your filled ammo box... :)

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Mostly it just takes time till its dropped on the ground, but I already had the problem that even after 5 minutes my dropped equipment did not show up. So theres definetly a problem.

Sigh.. so many people are not able to read...

Anyway, I had this happen with weapons mostly. Weapons disappear forever, other items reappear.

Example: Dropped a tuna can and a FNX in the same area. Both disappeared. After half a minute, the can reappeared, FNX did not. Checked back after an hour or so, tuna can still there, FNX not.
Also happened with M4s and Magnums that I dropped, they never re-appeared. As far as I've tested it, all other items (incl. containers and attachments) re-appear after a while (a few seconds to a few minutes).

What does NOT matter in this issue (at least in my experience):

  • Number of players in the area
  • Number of players on the server
  • Lag and Desync
  • Location on map.

This can happen anywhere, so please stop with those "glitched thru floor" theories. I think that's a different issue, related to multiple-floor buildings like the fire station (items dropped in the tower's upper floors may appear on ground level).

Game version: 0.34.115106

I agree, I have lost things while sharing with a friend due to server restarts. we need a warning message a few min before it restarts. I am sure devs are working on it or have it planned but I think the sooner the better

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Had this problem from the start too, whole inventory is very buged before server restarts in my opinion, droping stuff takes for ever same with moving etc. Ways which i found to resolve this is

  1. move away from the place of droping 2 steps back,
  2. move some stuff in your backpack wherever
  3. wait for 2 mins

helps most of the time.
what i have also expireienced, is when the server restarts to bring in new loot etc, all droped items dissapear forever, this can be extreamly anyoing if ur sharing loot with a friend or swaping weapons and a loadout. would like a message to say server restarts in 45 sec or something

@dsmokey I doubt there is a way to implement that dropped items will be retained over server restart. I assume that this is one of the reasons that servers are restarted in the first place: to clear up all loose items that are building up on the server, as well as corpses ect.

I think the issue with the items is something like this. When you you drop something out of your backpack, the spawn location is too low, so that it spawns underneath the collision point on the ground. So if in a building(calm down spunkballa, im getting there) it will spawn underneath the floor, fall down to the next collision point, and that happens to be the floor below.

If you are outside in the field and this happens, there is no collision point below for it to fall to. Hence why it is "Disappearing".

This is just a thought, but it would explain alot.

Also this coupled with severe desync when dropping items, when players are forced to wait over 3 mins sometimes to get items that are dropped, have caused some bug tracking confusion.

I have had same issue as OP. I had a can opener in my hands and put on ground to pick up and eat an orange. After eating orange could not locate can opener - however, the orange was still on the ground.

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we have had things fall through floors/stairs very often. this does sound very much similar to that issue your describing.

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Can confirm, I can reproduce by dragging an item to the red "X" and dropping it that way, and it actually deletes the item.

@jimmyleith i dont want them to impleent anything to keep the loot, just a message before the restart which will tell players not to lose their items by not droping them,

This happens IIRC every time you drop something when in the upper section of the military tent/bunkers.

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I think it may be because it spawns under the floor

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i can confirm that, 30 min ago i had an sks in my hands, m4 on my back, dropped the sks to drink... didnt spawn, then i decided to drag the m4 to my hands, but well, frustrated about losing the sks, dragged it to drop.. lost that too.. now im defenseless due to bug..

This appears to happen when placing an item down on top of another item.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM

Please fix..

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I can confrim this!
While "trivial" loot like food, clothes etc. does not concern me, what really pains me is the dissapearing of AMMO BOXES. It happens too often now. Almost always.

Waited about a half an hour in the woods where I placed it, to no avail.
Most annoying bug yet.

sabre05 added a subscriber: sabre05.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM

The loot sometimes falls through the floor. For instance, I'm on the 2nd floor of a pub and I drop my trousers as I've picked new ones up. They disappear only to reappear on the bottom floor.

The 5-15 second delay on items showing after you've dropped them occurs when the server is several hours in and is in need of a restart.

kingj added a subscriber: kingj.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM
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confirmed as even after 5-15 second load some items spawn under the floor rather than on the floor it was dropped.

Object seems to pop back after you move. So maybe its a sync issue and it only updates when you move?

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Still happening to be on the 0.35, tends to be M4, M4 attachments or M4 magazines. It occasionally reappears and I can see it but will not allow me to pick it up, even after waiting 10-15mins trying both mouse wheel and tab! This occurs outdoors when on hill.

lost a few full ammo cans and a few full yellow cases, waited for 2 minutes and checked downstairs but nothing ever came up.

I have found the items in question are, usually, within 5 meters of where I think I dropped them. I try to wait a few seconds after stopping before dropping anything now. I lost an M4 at night because of this, it was a meter and a half away from my feet on a road, it should have been at my feet (thanking the gods I had a flashlight that worked). I dropped a ruck inside a military prison in the room on the second floor, the ruck disappeared but I found it at the entry door to the building, with everything inside, a few seconds later. So I have, as you can see, had this happen to me both inside and outside.

I have noticed, however, that if you drop something and it gets stuck in the branches of a tree off the ground it can be near impossible to get it back.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for sending in all your feedback regarding this problem. Can you confirm if the issue still occurs? If so, would it be possible for someone to upload a video depicting the issue please?

Thank you in advance,


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I have two things to add regarding this since the 0.49 update.

I have personally lost 2 AK's that I've dropped on the ground when outside a building. One I dropped on the road, so I really doubt that I "missed" where I dropped it. Both times I was running while it happened, because I had to drop it to fight a zombie.

Another thing related to this is I found a bandana: camo pattern on the second floor of a green house. My inventory was full, so I proceeded to untie the bandana, then tie it into a face mask while it was still on the ground, so I could wear it on my face. When I untied the bandana cap into a bandana, it worked fine, but when I tied the bandana into a face mask, it disappeared. I scanned the whole house, both floors, as well as the outside of the house very thoroughly, and it was nowhere to be found. I also logged out and back in after removing one of my inventory items to see if it would appear in my inventory, but it did not.

I would also like to add that the item sometimes does not appear when throwing it out of your hands, just sinks into the floor. You can easily re produce this by going on a high pop and throwing stuff, eventually one will sink...probably

This still happens on 0.49.

*Sometimes* the items appear in a room close by, or on the floor below, but not always. When they disappear outside i guess they get stuck underground.

Probably they fall through the floor most of the time. Every time i accidentally glitch into (and get stuck in) a building i find lots of equipment on the ground under the building.

cs_wolf added a subscriber: cs_wolf.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM

Confirmed! When I swap baseball cap for another hat item the baseball cap dissapears.

In 0.50 the issue is a lot better than it was, although I lost mosin rounds earlier, but the items seem to be spawning further away than than before. I dropped an sks to drink and it appeared more than 10 metres away.

Jalapan added a subscriber: Jalapan.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM

Confirmed still broken. A spraycan went through the floor 2times. A sks i dropped ended up in another room. A akm ended up outside the building on the ground. Dont know if its desync and server does not know ur location. Or buildings are broken

Bug confirmed. I was running today in the countryside, then dropped an object and it disappeared.

Perhaps it is related to the quick change in position (so the object is dropped somewhere along my path)? In this case if I backtrack I might be able to find it. I haven't tried it, just my 2 cents.

mist3r added a subscriber: mist3r.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM

sadly I didn't make a video but yesterday on experimental 0.51 I had this problem. We found 2 tents in the big houses near Cherno, as we were bambys and had no Backpack we had to take it into Hands... But in this house you can't walk down the stairs so we trough out 2 times from the balcon. I could se how it went down and then it disappeared like in the ground...
we never found it again :-/

This bug is back with 0.51 gg.... Lost gas canister and a bunch of weapons because they disappeared when dropped. They no more appear even at the other side of the wall.

Confirmed. Maybe connected with a glitch when you should drop weapon/item twice to really drop it.

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For me its a variant of the old bug where you would pick up a double carry weapon automatically after eating and the old one would still be on the floor. You had to drop the one in your hands and pick up the one on the floor.

Seems to be linked to having the ability to have both weapons shouldered. When I try to bring out one of the weapons it can sometimes be bugged and unusable. If dropped it sometimes vanishes. Lost a few guns now.

i have this issue alot in 2 story houses, when im on the 1st floor and i drop something 9 outta 10 times it ends up Downstairs or even outside!

.52 issue has been happening all week. Losing bags, guns and items. It just disappears when placed down. Looking at your sync, ping everything is in order.

Put items into a new bag on the ground, and it just ups and disappears off your screen in the wide open even.

Normally I thought it was only around buildings and cars but appears it can happen even in the wide open field.

afRL added a subscriber: afRL.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM
afRL added a comment.Jun 17 2015, 9:38 AM

issue still occurs in .57
lost a shotgun and a makarov (outside of buildings)

Humpero added a subscriber: Humpero.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM

I think the issue might be that the items get teleported somewhere random, Today we found a military tent with loads of random stuff. ScreenShot:

Hoj0 added a subscriber: Hoj0.May 8 2016, 3:12 PM
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I think that this issue is partially lag related, I have ran into this issue several times, I would drop an item and it would "disappear" but really it has dropped 30-50 meters behind me, almost as if the server thinks that my position is not where I'm at at that current moment.

I have not had any issues with items falling through the floor or clipping through walls, however on a number of occasions I've had to backtrack to locate an item that I dropped.