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Cant use items, open doors, vault or interact with anything
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My problem is that it seems that everything done server side in the game takes an eternity to do the simple tasks or simply does not allow me to do them. For example right clicking on food so that you can eat and "eat" should load up, but it just sits there loading with no option loading - even after 1 minute of waiting. I check my connection and i have a 60 ping and 0 desync, no red or yellow chain markers....But i cant eat, cant drink, can use items, cannot interact with anything that relies on the control server for response. It does not happen all the time, just most of it.

I try to vault a fence, but cant or if it does allow me it takes a good 2 seconds before i actually make the vault, making me miss. I was trapped in a yard for 30 mins and died because of this. Items are dragged only to have nothing occur, but then a few minutes later the item appears. It is all very frustrating. Currently the cursor prompts like open door and turn light on pop up 1 minute after i try to do them or not at all.

I basically cannot play this game. it occurs during all times of the day for long periods of time. It almost seems like a case of the server being close and having nice ping, but the server control allowing all these actions suffering from huge ping and massive packet loss.


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Play the game and try to undertake any action.

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I'm in Australia by the way, so if the control server is in the US or Europe, then they are effectively the Moon in ping and response times.

All versions of the game so far have had this effect. but the current one 0.30.113860 suffered the most from it.

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happens to me too, altough not on every server, on some it works as intended, on others I can't do stuff at all.

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Same issue here from Germany. Can't even take my gun in my hands. Can't interact with anything. Stuff i tried to do, like putting something on the ground, only is executed after i rejoin the game. Then i see the item lying there, but can't interact with that one either. Know a few people more that have this.

Same issue from Central US on nearly all servers. Cannot put anything in hands, interact with anything, vault or consume items. Can walk around and position updates on different servers.

Tried dropping my backpack, it appeared to not work, but when I joined another server, my backpack was gone. Rejoined the previous server and sure enough, my backpack was on the ground there. Tried picking it up, it appeared to not work, but when I joined another server, my backpack was picked up.

To me it seems like an issue with server -> client updating. The actions may be happening, but the server does not convey this to the client.

This can be caused because you are playing on a outdated server. Thats why it
doesn't happen on every server.

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It is not the outdated server issue. It is a separate issue.

Yep. Not outdated server. I could fix it by getting myself killed. Here is how:

  1. Connect to any server.
  2. Find a way to die (jump from a building/light house or let a friend shoot you)

The issue has something to do with your gear. My friends had no problems until i joined the server, then they started to have the same issues as me. I also got my self killed once, had it fixed, then went to pick up my gear again and had the same problem again. So I think something in the gear breaks and can't sync with the server. Just get killed and never look back, I am roaming happily since.

Its not that either. Dying has not bearing on the issue.

The issue is that you cannot use any item because when you right click on it instead of the prompt saying "eat/drink/etc" it simply says "receiving" and does not load the eat/drink option, rendering any use of items impossible. It also effects the vaulting, anything inventory based and interacting with the world.

Yeah i know. I had exactly the same stuff + i couldn't even take my gun in the hand. It fixed it for me by dying and starting over. Did you even try it? Testwise you can enable the experimental build, which has its own character (no worries, you won't lose your normal one if you start a experimental one). If you can interact with your inv (i.e. put the batteries in your flashlight) then a fresh start should fix it for you, too.

And I am not saying that dying itself fixes the issue, but rather getting rid of the gear that is causing the issue, so you can play again.

I and a few non-local friends are getting this problem too.

The desync issues last a while and seem to happen whenever I'm entering a new lootable area. Nothing registers properly, although I can freely roam, my buddies run through everything, changing items, interacting with items and performing gestures is not possible until eventually the issue disappears after several seconds to a few minutes later, and I get a desync chain then everything works fine again until I come across more areas.

It can be game breaking as I've been killed several times by people or zombies I couldn't see or I killed people blankly running through everything in front of me. Even sometimes, I get injured and I'm unable to heal myself and just die. It gets very frustrating.

I'm getting the idea that it's probably from retrieving info for stuff within my network bubble (assuming that's how it works) and the larger exchange of data is affecting communication between the server and client.

My internet speed test from the Philippines to the West Coast US(Servers I usually play on):
Ping - 198ms
DL - 1.87 Mbit/s (~ 250 kbyte/s)
UL - .70 Mbit/s (~ 90 Kbyte/s)
This issue also happens on closer low-ping servers from Singapore and Hong Kong.

I also have other close friends here that will also be getting DayZ, I'll do tests with them and report them here.

Side note:
Before anybody tells me I should switch internet or that my connection's the issue, this is close to the best connection I can get around here, and I can play lots other games online perfectly fine.(DayZ Mod, BF2/3, CoD, dota 2).

New edit:
Just to add, the desync may sometimes happen at random and will happen regardless of server distance and/or ping, or client connection. A buddy from the US just experienced this even with a ping of 20 while I with a higher ping of 220 didn't experience the issue at all. I could see him move around on my screen just fine, while he couldn't interact in the world or see anyone moving at all. The desync lasted a good few minutes and he also has a better PC and connection than I do.

This issue happens to me even with a 30/mb down speed and 20ms ping, so it's not just bad connections.

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same issue as you guys but no solutions.
French user.

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This happened to me as well, I am in godmode, but the whole server is frozen and I am not able to die or interact with anything (including inventory management or interacting with doors) I am like a ghost running through a frozen world...

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Inexplicable bug/problem. Played 5 hours ago without any probs, now reloggin in and have tried 6 different servers and waited for 5 minutes in-game still unable to interact.

It appears we have the same issue, but I only get this when a friend is near by.

I was fortunate enough to find one scenario where this issue was "FIXED"; after changing servers 15 times, quitting and restarting game multiple times and then restarting PC nothing helped, however on my last server there was a server reset "no message received" and upon rejoining server ability to interact now reestablished. Before this happened i was going to ask a friend to kill my character to enable a fresh connection.

if you ar ezploiting the trick where you can put backpacks into backpacks, try and throw them on the ground, this fixed it for me.

I got this glitch twice, both of times it had to do something with my inventory.

try connecting and throwing your entire inventory on the ground, even though nothing appears to be happening, reconnecting will probably fix it.

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Hey folks, had the same issue, might've found a fix, here's a video of it, only the first few minutes really matter all that much.

Watched Rallix's 10 minute video, the crux of it is that there maybe a corrupt item in your inventory (or just in the area) and you need to drop it (or all your items) and leave the area as it appears the item has a localised effect on players.

I'm not sure how to drop items if you can't interact with anything, Rallix needs to provide more details as in my situation I could not drop anything nor put anything in my hands, raise a gun etc.

Easy way as above described:

  1. Get your self killed. (jump from a building or let a friend kill you)
  2. Disconnect from the server (since you won't die instantly, after a reconnect you are dead)
  3. Never get your stuff back. Play happily after.

Or the long way if you are not ready to lose all your stuff:

  1. Join a server, drop an item.
  2. Join another server, see if its fixed.
  3. If not fixed, repeat steps 1-2

While dropping items doesn't appear to work, the item IS indeed gone if you connect to an other server, same goes for picking items up again.

To accelerate the whole thing you can drop a bunch of stuff like most of your food or most of your ammo and then connect another server.

I have found a way to get rid of this at the sacrifice of some of your gear:

  1. Start by dropping your backpack somewhere hidden that you know (make note of the server first so you can come back later and get it). It will not show up on the ground, you will have to quit and re-join the same server to 'refresh' your inventory.
  2. Leave the area, run at least 1000ft away.
  3. Exit and re-join the server. If the issue is fixed now, it was caused by an item in your backpack. You can now return to your backpack, pick it up and try to just drop one item at a time.
  4. Continue dropping items and leaving the area until you either found the item causing the issue, or have enough of your items to be happy.

This issue for me was caused by either a fire extinguisher in my backpack or a stack of wood (for fireplace).

I did something similar to what xzosimusx described.

It sounds like your issue might be more severe central, for me I'd just click on an item and drag it out to drop it, it wouldn't look like it dropped, but when you re-log it will have dropped.

It's a long and stupid fix if you want your gear, but at least we know what the problem is now.

I live in Russia and the same hogwash. When I run one, average rate (I checked through the program), which is used by game - 50-150 kbit\s. And when I enter in the territory with Loot and other players (I was in Balota) - speed sharply jumps up at first to 500 kbit\s, and then and to 1,3 Mbit\s. Also as well as you any responsiveness from game (doors, inventory). For me and my Internet it is the REAL problem as the monthly traffic is limited!

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This massive desync happens to me as well and I have a 60mb down 20mb up connection with all gigabit CAT6 cables/router/modem. Ping of 40ms or under for the servers I play on. What ports does DayZ Standalone use? To rule out port forwarding issues, I put my PC behind the DMZ of my router and disabled all windows firewalls and anti-virus firewalls. Same problem occurred as before. I also have a high end gaming rig so it shouldn't be something hardware related. Something odd I did notice though is that when I play DayZ and use skype, the skype call sometimes gets really garbled for long periods of time. As soon as I stop playing DayZ the skype call gets cleared right up. I can use skype and play any other game just fine. I can also do anything else (surfing the web, uploading/downloading of large files) just fine, speedtests come back perfect as usual.

I see people mention the backpack within a backpack thing though, which I have not done, but I HAVE swapped the same backpack for a different colored backpack (of the same size). In the vicinity window I dragged over all of my gear that was in my currently used backpack, and then dragged over the new backpack with all of my transferred gear to the player icon in the middle top section of the inventory page (when you hit tab key), and this essentially swapped the backpacks so that I was using the new one with all of my transferred gear and the old one I was using was now in the vicinity area of the inventory page. Maybe there is something there??

I had this happen to me when I put a full backpack in my backpack or something similar. Because the backpack only takes up like 20 slots in the inventory yet holds 35; I thought it was ingenious to store my backpack full of rations in my backpack. It seems like doing this for extended periods of times can desync you.

While looking in my player profile (in the Day Z directory) I noticed it might be because it doesnt actually save the contents of the bag within a bag.

Solved the problem by dropping anything that used the exploit, or "bagception" as I had termed it, and joined another server.

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Pretty sure my issue isn't related to the "cursed" item or bag within a bag thing, as it's happened with new characters. I think mine is related to my poor internet connection with fluctuating ping. It sounds like a lot of us have the same issue caused by different things.

My ping often fluctuates between 30ms and 400ms... I have a feeling that when it spikes, it causes the desync and can't interact with anything for a period of time... sometimes it takes many minutes to fix itself. Sometimes logging out then logging back in fixes it, other times it doesn't.

Sometimes I can play for 5-10 mins without any issue, mostly when I'm alone. It seems to happen the most when I team up with my mate and we're voice chatting over steam. It's super frustrating and makes the game unplayable which REALLY sucks :(

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Not sure if everyone is having the same problem from reading the notes. I experienced the same thing others are saying in the notes, I cannot tell if it is what the original report was suggesting.

The server restarted, everything was fine up until I logged back in. Could not interact with anything, right clicking an item only showed "receiving", and in the player list everyone had all zeros. This was across many servers.

I did have a hunting pack that was inside a mountain pack and I had started "adding" items into it. At first stuff that I did not care if I lost, then slowly becoming anything I came across that I would have kept if I had space, but It had gotten to the point that I had added more items than there would have been available slots. I decided to drop the bag, or try. Amazingly it worked when I logged back in the interior pack was no longer in my inventory and everything worked just like before the restart. I also changed servers after dropping the pack; was not on the server where I dropped the pack when everything went back to normal.

I decided not to pick up a second pack again.

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confirmed cant interact or swap inventory or anything and my friends around freeze for me but for them i am moving as normal swapping and stuff its only on my pc sometimes it affects one of my freinds too

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not really a bug than more a lag

Try disabling firewalls, Anti virus etc, my friend had the exact same problem and disabling antivirus fixed it.

I have a similar issue with the latest build. There is also and interesting occurrence when i enter servers. The player info tab will say 0 for my ping and bandwidth and i will be unable to do anything but walk. Things that i drag into my inventory will not be added but when i log off and on again they will reappear and where ever i walk to I will re-log in there. Sometimes after a while it will suddenly give me ping and bandwidth but they seem to have no relevance to my actual ping. For example, it will say i have 19 ping but it will take a good 30 seconds to a minute to update my inventory with whatever arrangements I made. Lets say i moved stuff around in my inventory and then opened a door. Nothing will actually move in my inventory and the door will not open until a good 30 second to a minute later then it will all update at once.

Note: I have not changed internet since the last build (0.30.114008) and i did not have this problem. it also follows me no matter what internet on I'm on (tested on two different networks which both worked in 0.30.114008).

Current build: 0.32.114557

Not an ISP problem for me. Changing router settings and Windows Firewall settings hasn't resolved the issue either. The desync only seems to apply to actions; fighting zeds works perfectly fine. Actions affected:

-Hotswapping using 1-9
-Opening/Closing doors
-turning flashlight on/off

Also, loot itself sometimes either disappears or takes a moment to appear; ie when crafting rags from a shirt on the ground, the shirt disappears, the rags do not show up, neither in inventory nor on ground

Turns out my issue was caused by my poor internet connection (fluctuating pings) as I suspected. I took my PC over to my girlfriends place and the game runs fine without any desync issues. This really sucks for me as I can't fix it unless I change ISP's. Currently under a 24 month contract though :(

Confirmed to still have this bug, i'm geussing it has to do with containers (or having too many of them, after which one of them glitches?) Can't find out which one with the server reconnecting timers anymore so easier solution is sacrifice all items and let them despawn.

Oh and developers try getting 6 containers or more in one bag, it might be the reason.

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I've been getting this alot too. It usually only effects me, and not people around me. My internet connection is excellent. The server gets all my messages, because everything I do is happening in real time for my friends, but I can't see it.

I can even use items and such, but I don't see it myself, other than in the chat ("You bandaged yourself" etc). I can't keep any weapons in my hand, they get put on my back again instantly. Joining certain servers fixes it, while many others have the same bug. Sometimes it fixes itself after a few minutes wait, but it often returns after a few minutes again. Other times it seems to be more or less permanent (as in persisting for more than 20 minutes).

Tonight I tried fiddling around with my router settings, forwarding all DayZ ports to my computer. That didn't do anything. Then I tried setting a new rule for DayZ in the notoriously buggy Windows Firewall, and that seemed to fix the issue. Or it may just have fixed itself spontaneously at the same time. So hard to tell. Possible fix for you others to try out, though. Good luck!

Fun fact: If you get this bug, you can walk up to someone and punch him in the face. He'll go unconcious, regardless of his actual position in game. Seems to me like the client has way more power than it should.

Hey guys,

we have found the cause of the bug that was making you unable to interact with the environment and are now looking into the problem.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have had this bug on and off since the update last week. At first I just credited it to my poor connection (even though the game played smooth the week prior)I noticed it happening when near a zombie or a player. Now I have this issue constantly displaying yellow chain with only occasional 20 seconds of functional interface while the chain turns red.

Sorry to bump, but this problem is still occurring. I log into a server and after about a minute of 10000 desync with red chain(in which I am able to interact) I get no chain for another 3 minutes until I receive session lost. This has only been happening for around 3 days, and is not happening to any of my friends. I originally blamed it on my internet connection, but, like Bobbyfletcher I had been playing fine on this connection for a week prior. I don't want to die, as this character has been alive for some time, but I have heard that killing yourself fixes it, but also that it doesn't.

Please fix soon.

This problem still persists, and I find that it mainly happens to me when one of my steam friends join and play with me. This also makes other "synced" players invisible to you which ends up getting you killed. Whenever I desync my friends see me but I can't see them I also can't hear the shots that they fire.

andy added a comment.Oct 2 2014, 3:22 PM

Hello survivors,
this should be mostly fixed at this point. Please create a new ticket if you encounter other problems.