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M4 Silenced is not an effective weapon...Melee knock out weapons are overpowered...
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On two seperate occasions I shot people with an M4 silenced and it did next to nothing damage wise the first time I was in Bolota in the tent city and he was unarmed but switching to melee and creeping up on me... I literally used 1 and 1/2 clips at a range of about 3 feet before he layed on the ground....I shouldnt need 30 bullets to kill anyone, I was not lagging and on a server with low ping....the second time I saw a guy hiding with an axe and shot him in the mid section he runs in a circle around a few buildings and charges directly at me in a zig zag pattern....I put at least 5 rounds in his chest as I back peddled, I saw the blood and he hits me once with an axe and I am unconcious forever aka dead since you cant do anything but reset the game if your playing why is a guy with an axe more effective then a silenced M4 with a 20 round clip at point blank range? If your not going to fix the forever uncoucious thing wich should just have a death screen after a window of time so as not to confuse new players at the very least allow bullets to knock people down or out as well. Unless I am to believe a guy with an axe can run through a hail of gunfire and not get knocked down by the impact of bullets.....this makes end game weapon collection very frustrating my time and effort should mean something. I should not be penalized because he is closer to me and has a wildley over powerd weapon...mostly because of the unbalanced knock out feature....


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Shoot at someone running at you with a melee weapon capable of knocking out see them hit you once and effectively kill you because of unconcious forever while all your bullets equal a simple bandage to them.....

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Axes and all melee weapons that knock out are wildly over powered and makes end game weapon collection frustrating and pointless. Bringing any melee weapon to a gun fight should never be an advantage ever at any range especially arms length bullet velocity and impact can tear a concrete wall up, it decimates the human body, this is inacurate and not fun or balanced

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If this is true, you should try and reproduce it in a more controlled environment.

As your post stands now it just looks like whining because your enemy didn't die fast enough.

I reproduced it twice on two different people...once on an unarmed person at point blank range the other on a guy with an axe....again at point blank range the weapon is not that effective maybe the silencer is bugged maybe it is just unbalanced but a gun should not do less damage then one hit from an axe if you dont understand that I dont know what to tell you...also what more controlled environment are you talking about? We are all on the same alpha servers it's up to the devs to vet the game based on the bug reports I just play the game and report issues I am not a paid alpha you want to sign me up for a paycheck and a private server then we can talk....

Strictly depends on what they're wearing at the time. Needs to be tested in a controlled environment.

guy with an axe had a t-shirt and an axe...5 bullets made him bleed one hit form an axe made me permanantly unconcious aka dead what is to test the axe is Op and needs fixed the issue is the unconcious forever does an axe one shot make you unconcious more so then 5 bullets to the chest?

they need to either make them have more equivalent effects or nerf the axe and other perma unconcious melee weapons....

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I am sure if i hit you with a firefighter axe i am gonna split you into halves from the first hit :P. i can't see how melee weapons are overpowered as i never managed to even reach someone with a gun in a fight of that kind. maybe the hit detection was messed for you a bit or that guy was lagging or the server was lagging.

I am certain I have shot people multiple times with the M4 silenced not "a gun" but that weapon specifically and exactly what I reported happened on two seperate seems bugged to me in some way and I was on a US server with like 15 ping max and they did not appear to lag in any way and even had blood coming out when I hit with my shots...the issue is a bullet should have impact I think the silence version is not doing the proper damage levels but regardless a bullet should still do enough to knock back or knock down at any range a guy should not be able to charge you and have any hope when you actually hit them with your bullets...also yes you should be able to kill with an axe not knock someone out forever wich is what hapens after 1 or 2 swings randomly and if they keep knock out for axe you saying a bullet should do less then that? I have heard people who were shot describe it like getting hit with a sledge hammer...and that was a 9mil not a military grade assult rifle firing 20 bullets in a little over a second...that would be more akin to a jack hammer , you cant have the one instagib and the other a uselss popgun that needs percise headshots or the game becomes unbalanced...

You either missed, server lagged, you lagged, he lagged, or the game just didn't register the hits right.

I actually think it might be the last one, I got killed by an axe guy aswell after pumping 5 mosin shots into him at point blank, which should kill you (he had no armor or anything). To me it just seems like the netcode is not registering hits properly sometimes. Especially true when your target is sprinting.

But no, melee weapons are not OP, if anything the blunt ones need to be buffed a bit to be any good. Getting close enough to hit somebody with your axe should be a death sentence to the one you're hitting.

the issue is not melee weapons damage it is that they make people permanently unconcious instead of mod day z you could swing an axe and after enough hits the person would this alpha you hit a guy 1-2 times they go perma unconcious and can take no more damage and also can combat log off the server...this is broken and wildley OP...melee should do damage and bleed and maybe after many hits cause unconcious for a set time but the 1-2 hit perma unconcious is what makes it over powered...guns cant even do that heck if they are in a combat helmet they can take a bullet to the head and live but an axe could kill them? it is clearly unbalanced....

"I should not be penalized because he is closer to me and has a wildley over powerd weapon...mostly because of the unbalanced knock out feature...."
In this case you should. What do you want? You think guy with axe must have no chances against guy with gun? Totally disagree. That guy did his best and punished you for inaccurate shooting.
The other thing is server desyncs - I had same issues with inaccurate shots while shooting at zombies. Sometimes it looks like bullets pass through them and when they die - it happens like in mod with delay.

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I am not sure about standalone but a suppressed M4A1 does significantly less blood damage than the non silenced version in the mod. So if you are only hitting your opponent in the chest, arms or legs, you may not bring their blood low enough to knock them out in 4 or 5 hits.
As the suppressors are not working (not suppressing the sound) currently I would not bother using one for now.
As already stated above, the amount of damage received also depends on the quality of the gear they are wearing. A pristine ballistic helmet can save you from a shot to the head from a m4a1 at almost point blank range!
Also I note that you seem to expect a bullet to knock an opponent back. While in the movies you see this all the time, in reality this never happens, at best it would stop a person in their tracks from the shock of the impact.

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there have been tweaks to bullet damage

irl you can survive a headshot and die from one punch, it varies.