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Long list of bugs I have encountered. Copy pasted this from a steam discussion.
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  • Zombies don't need to worry about walls, they even have wall hacks and can see you through them.
  • Zombies disappear when they're killed and you can't loot them.
  • Weird unconscious events even though you're fully hydrated and nurtured.
  • Invisible barriers in the world where you character just suddenly leaps over.
  • Fire-extinguisher only a tool for bludgeoing.
  • Water purifiers when applied to water bottle change the water bottle into one of pristine quality.
  • Dropping items sometimes let them disappear.
  • Some doors can't be opened even though there is an "open-event"
  • Does the portable gaslamp ever run out?
  • Swimming animation prolongs even in 1 inch of water.
  • You can't actually pick apples/ oranges from the apple and orange trees.
  • The Meal (Grain) Silo is partly dislodged into the farm building on multiple locations.
  • Some car doors have the open sign, but cant be opened.
  • Canteens and bottle apparently only hold 10ml/6ml respectively. Decilitre perhaps?
  • When eating oranges they don't disappear, but rather just stay around with 0% left.
  • Rocks have 0 charges? What?
  • Why can't we throw cans at zombies?
  • No aiming down sight when in prone.
  • Putting gamma up real high gives you night vision.
  • When sitting down you can still spin around like a mad man, or a genie.
  • Levitating items in some buildings.
  • In one session running was on constantly and walking had to be done by holding shift. My personal keys were not sticking and I had to restart to have it fixed.
  • High FOV gives you long spidery arms in first person. Common, but like to see it changed.
  • There is one stairs you can’t walk up on, but you have to leap/jump over.
  • When dropping stuff it sometimes disappears into a different dimension, like a pen in a classroom.
  • Zombies take minutes to kill you.
  • Both Dayz mask, glasses, mouth protection(?), and helmet can be worn at the same time.
  • The headlight can’t be turned on or batteries added to it?
  • Got stuck in a wall once, luckily I was “rescued” by a friend.
  • Any wall punching, axing give bullet sounds. Apparently I have dynamite fists.
  • Items first need to go into your inventory before you can eat them. (bug?)
  • Weird communication bug where you’d hear someone’s talking, even though nobody is there, but he can’t hear you. God apparently has a British accent.
  • Flashlights shine through walls? Czech engineering?
  • Range of zombie moans too extensive or non-existent Zombie. Zombie sounds when on an open field with no zombies in sight? Zombiessassins?
  • Killed someone, he logged off, didn’t get to loot his body.
  • Baseball bat and Fireman’s axe underpowered? They don’t die? And apparently hitting someone’s calves in a one hit kill? Achilles is that you?
  • Weird light sources in some places, while you’d think there’d be no electricity.
  • Unexplainable death when you re-enter the server, apparently dying and then rejoining a different servers gives you back your old character? What?
  • Filling canteens or bottles in ponds is not possible it seems? Will be added later I hope?
  • You can access ladders, doors and items through the walls. Plus items don’t have collision boxes at all I assume and will disappear behind counters and walls.
  • The large complex buildings with the broken stairs allow you to access the ladders through the wall and the balcony gets you stuck. Unless you crouch.
  • Falling to your death doesn’t have any consistent death animation, rather you just stand still on the ground. Especially funny to others when you log out, just imagine a dead man standing.
  • Going to a different server after you die, without respawning allows you to keep all of your stuff and come back to life at the place where you died.
  • Water has no direction and always seems to always be facing you.
  • Nights are too long.
  • Flashlight in high FOV gives tunnel vision.
  • Disinfectant spray is drinkable? What?
  • Weapon attachment flicker in and out of existence at certain angles.
  • Swapping backpacks makes your previous backpack disappear.
  • Random flashlight cones as if there is a player there, no flashlight on the floor or headtorch.
  • Graphical glitch/ game glitch where you can't zoom in/ down your weapon and you're looking into the buttocks of your weapon. Plus when you shoot you can't shoot the target as you're shooting up (I assume).


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So today I rejoined the game, luckily, none of my things have disappeared. Sadly, zombies are wallhacking ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s, so I was getting attacked before I was even able to load into the game. They should give you some spawn protection for slow loading, if it takes me 40 sec to load into a server I expect to not have to worry about a zombie or for that matter another person clawing me to death.

Next run I finally was able to get all my loot back. Guess what? I logged out for dinner, got back into the server. Lost everything. This is really getting old. Why waste 2 hours getting to a military base and get yourself stocked up to only lose it nexxt time you log in? Why even bother?

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  • No aiming down sight when in prone.

This works fine. Press space to shoulder your weapon.

  • In one session running was on constantly and walking had to be done by holding shift. My personal keys were not sticking and I had to restart to have it fixed.

Not sure what you mean, this is how it's always been?

As for logging in as a fresh spawn, there was a DB wipe yesterday evening. Expect plenty more where that came from. Don't get attached to your gear!

good lord, is it really so hard to understand a bug tracker?

Voted down. Each bug needs its own ticket submitted _after_ searching to see if someone else has already reported it. Lists like this make it impossible for the devs to manage bugs. Also note that all of the bugs in this list have already been reported.

Hey there,

please submit bugs individually and do not bunch them up into single reports.

Also, please use the search function before posting an issue. Most of what you have written is already logged within the feedback tracker.

Thank you!